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Who saying that last lyric? Right. That was that spanned out ballet, okay? I just love that. I've just played Spandau ballet for. Okay. So celebrity to reform these are some items that we've read articles about you or is online on like, we Kapiti or any research to see if it's true or football Gubbay through. Okay. Well, let's see in high school. You remember the volcano worship club to reform volcano worshippers? Yes. Indeed. We did. Absolutely nothing. I basically started a club. Just so we can get an extra picture in the yearbook gosh. And they're this photograph. What do you mean? You just wanted. We did. Absolutely nothing. We just decided let's start a club. And you call the volcano worship club, and you snuck it through the yearbook maker goalie right there is that a dead body. That's being covered up on a dead body from the morgue and just drag it out there who are these other people that was. You don't know any of these people these people you went to school together high school people fantastic. By the way, for young kids out there. You wanna get an extra picture in the yearbook club? Volcano worship. And there's absolutely nothing. There's no volcano. There's no worshiping very good next up. My my my Bolognia if you will parolee your parody of my Sharona was recorded in a bathroom across the hall from your college radio station where you were DJ. Absolutely true. My bologna because I was nineteen years old at the time. It couldn't afford a real recording studio, and as you know, bathrooms had beautifully the acoustically perfect tiled wall by that Phil.

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