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If this team wants to do what they wanna do, which is, you know, has stayed in the middle of this division race. They gotta get some turnovers on the back end, especially when you're when your offense is not that prolific in typically not very explosive. You need some short field operatives. Excellent point. That's exactly that's exactly what I would say. If I was talking, you know, you're talking to the team. If we're talking to teams, we need to get our guy, the football on the plus forty. We need to get our Yata football onto plus thirty five. We need down in that plus territory. You're going to have to get some turnovers, the sacks are going to continue to be there, but you got those guys on the back end gotta get their hands on. Footballs. Yeah. In your point about heath well-taken, he, he owned the boundary there. You've always taught me stretch, you know, get, you've got to you shut down that sideline over there in was that golden Tate. They just ran right by them, just kind of made him look foolish on that touchdown. And then later in the game, kerryon Johnson who's a big back and nice back Detroit not known for hundred yard rushing days from in fact, they they had like some unbelievable streak didn't. It lasts like five years or something before they finally other did it last week hurting our Thanksgiving Day with Reggie Bush to mazing, but this guy is powerful and he ran, you know. Physical guy? Yeah, he ran. He ran with with route with a real reckless abandon and you could sell when they got that. When they got that play down on the Golan works, Detroit ran that little ghost fake and then they ran that outside zone. There you could tell it was something that they had seen on film out. Dallas was plan that and sure not. He got one on one with the safety and you know, in a lot of situations, you're either to hammer the nail. Yeah, there I'm, I'm afraid that he was the nail. That's truth. What grade, what grade are you giving the secondary? I'm going to secondary ac-. Yeah, the the entire second areas. See, you're right. I just look. I just looked at the stats stretch. They had one pass defense all day as a defensive group, not just the BB's. It was easy as one. That's it. That's all they had one time. He got his got his got his hand on the slant and that's that's something that's gotta change leap breaking some balls up tip in some balls, they've got to get your hand on the football, and that's why I've been so critical Barron Jones. I think he's a great athlete. He's got good. Yes, he can run but still have the have instinctive things that cause you to get, you know, get your hands on the football and, and I'm just not seeing that right now. And we saw we saw having last week when a bogus reflected. The guy was too interceptions in Seattle, Thomas for that very. Yeah. In the end Ed Ed, you made a good point by the way earlier, you had noticed that for people that have tried to monitor that Earl Thomas situation to see if the Cowboys might still have some interest there a report today that they're stuck on. A second round pick is what they're now asking for for Adam Schefter I believe had that out there, but he was carted off and he's now in an era cast always we'll take less now if you're on this was was carted off animated obscene gesture as he was being carted off. But nobody knows if that's because it was sort of the Seattle's sideline. So that was a result of a twenty nine year old guy being forced to play for his next contract, not being extended. Now there's injuries going to put him in a really bad position when he goes to free agency the Ozzy while he's got, he's got more career interceptions twenty eight and were forced fumbles than all the other Seok defensive backs combined. So as loss for for both Earl, Thomas endlessly hawk, we're, we're certain. He wasn't saying. He hawks number one. Yeah, it didn't appear to be okay. I'm out have been amount of been hooked him. He was just using. Cameron sceviour come. I tell you stretch and we won't get into this..

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