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Mm or art or he hit i see us i think our say knows a little bit about art he's got like a million guitars yes we just thinking about his his shoulder as being a guitar i bet jim irs has got like a shipload of oil paintings of himself around his house you know now data that's a big jim are so this goes back to her theory that andrew look is is to smart so his brain works so efficiently that he feels more pain and within its more site as foresight yet and i think it is more sense jim arce also said he doesn't know what he's coming back because jim mercy doesn't have superpowers okay so spoiler alert gemmer say not a superhero i thought he was for while guy i've fucking wish jim mercy had superpowers yeah if i could give superpowers person well he's already really rich which is as close as you can get he said adding a superhero you timur say is that i batman there you go career no one yet we actually could use a car the drives itself with fact that jim mercy still alive i think that can point to the fact that may be does have something weird going on spotty like superpower that is true he's just defying all law yes sci he's a super who knows about sign his superiors been battling leica bottled prescription pills is harlem yeah he's it so he has his nemesis schumer says actually perfect person to talk about indra lung shoulder because he knows everything about it um next sub we have a segment we have dr while little npr uh like we said we get a if you look at the podcast rankings i think we're like 13 overall in the country from the pod track not to break in the first twelve or all like npr in the podcast your momma s stern so uh let's do it.

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