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But I about the average you're going the hall of fame following it devotes with which is great but what sets me is and I noticed that the world revolves around me I grew up the Yankees **** Jackie to the seventies and a couple of weeks with them a month it was put in about the hall of fame he got tonight and I think this is the second time around that this happened I don't know what it takes for a great player like himself who sorry that happening in the in the whole thing and my question to you is why can't the fans vote for a player like him so begin the hall of fame I was reading up and have a good day Dennis yeah you know listen the fans you're looking at a place like that you want to say you want to hold it up to a percentage of the fans played a part in the voting process but at some point I mean because then favoritism comes into play right right you want to raise fares balance the you know the whole fame is supposed to be for the cream of the crop of a cream of the crop the leader of the elite right now it's been watered down over the years I don't know if I necessarily believe the fans the the point be apart at voting process now you're doing multiple organ of all the same I use close yeah these clothes hi I'm all I'm really of the kind of believe that if there needs to be fifteen twenty minute debate about a guy that they're not really all fame if I had to sit down and argue you know when you when you when you watch so regardless of sport hockey bass right all right football baseball you watch enough if you know when you're watching a guy whether or not he's all the fame or not to breeze all fame Tom Brady's a hall of Famer Rogers is a hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor Barry said you go up and down one hall of fame role favorite you've watched enough right that's why you get to Cole Porter like Eli manning if you're sitting there debating about the library I was I put him in but I can understand those a look at the I. manning and say you know what no he wasn't good enough for the regular season it was a great enough quarterback he had to epic runs but that doesn't necessarily mean the augmented soul favor you have his name in the giant ring of honor and I can understand that correct so I mean I look at Thurman Munson I think it's close I I think he's close it would not you know bill monstrosities in their Thurman Munson deserves his day wearing guys they've been they've gotten in our brains so I get it I understand it well it's a shame when I would Mattingly and the injury and the back and everything like that because Mattingly was well on his way the V. it out at all frame rate me was my that was my hero growing up as a Yankee fan love Ricky to oval swagger from Ricky when feel Jack Clark those are those are fun Yankee days for the most part they once of caves rose trees in the picture but anyway I digress yeah I think I think when you look at Thurman I think you can easily make the argument that he deserves a a bit in there but I also think it it's something to be debated but I think with the way the whole thing's been watered down if it wasn watered down then I would probably tell you that I don't think there must all fame but the way that is now yeah I think he's really close Albert Aberdeen New Jersey it's salads the fat what's going on south remove the old one so I'm cool you a local board sal you do but good good I had just got out of the shower there you go very nice yeah hopefully a nice while warm shower for yourself wake up on a Thursday afternoon there you go not clean as a whistle what's on your mind body all what with the mess where they got out of the dances I am hoping that the as was just you know first year in the big city and hopefully he can turn around you think that's a possibility with him yeah I think it's a possibility and with which is what you say about the whole thing why I agree totally with you also it if I got to think twice about somebody did the novel I mean brain because of the water it down painters and that's Ross you then look those guys really are not the whole fame is in my estimation I mean even out in that span and David right to me is I love the seeing in the hall of fame but not anymore now no no it's not a green insulted it just is not as one last thing though of what what ray was talking about all the way up that's basically being on top and enjoying being on top that's what that's all about no he's not some conflicting and Rosenberg across the way can give us a little clarity here bees sows now the fourth corner there's broad operate from the Brady called earlier in the show excuse my voice here for second me for my throat as I mentioned earlier to make who could care less flu is basically running rampant through my house make does it is on bothered by that basically didn't know what to say that I moved on through is update I kept on reading this sponsorships thanks make feel the love anyway we have about four five people call a break from the day earlier in the show said I ask him how he's doing he said all the way up as okay great good for you I'm happy to hear that right and now we have a little clarification Paul Rosenberg across the way what we got all right so all the way up it was up one person said as DJ Callie it it's not it's fat Joe okay so Joe did all the way up which I I should have known I'd input that to to to get together that's on me okay the second clarification is we have another caller call in and say what he meant by all the way up easy all the way up in the Bronx is Pelham bay got showing the northern Bronx area is all the way up right from the bay that's when he met okay so it's ray from the bay Pelham bay all the way up in the Bronx right so I'm all the way up so it is nothing to do with how is life is doing it's basically where he's living I would I would take that you know points that way of thinking over how I'm really good I'm all the way up that see I like the how my life is going more than where I'm living right I agree with that I don't I don't care where the bay is you know Monroe we go Mike the families of Mike happy holidays there mark happy holidays my concern in my blood hope you make up friend says the money so anyway and saw born June fifth one million for Robbie and this is what I want it I'm not fourteen fifty million dollars getting also all warm rounder full levy on al all but back who's who is I can't believe that what is she talking about what it was I I think what what Connors look at I'm not paying Robbie Anderson do I think there might be a team was in the red skins pay Paul Richardson from the Seattle Seahawks so there's always a market out there in there and you know there's a full born every day so there's some team that might be willing to give Robbie Anderson thirteen fourteen fifty million dollars a year the jets can't be that team here moving forward probably it is inspiring story my story come out a total drafted right he really developed hello I said some issues off the field wonder nice nice stories had some missteps again it but in terms of rise in the National Football League you give all the crowd the world I'm not paying that kind of money it's not that kind of Plano I don't know what round picks the levy on I'd want to get it second or each day also tomorrow's he's matured a lot since it's like mid season so you know I I I think not yeah thank yeah I think I think here you go through the draft to get players of the caliber of Adams the amount I mean you go through the NFL draft you want to find a lead level players is Jamal Adams Donna Lee level safety in the National Football League why would you trade him you know like what to say after games you know like the messaging is all he's doing is not the legal you not get in trouble long long one of the best records in jazz history I think he's a great kid and I agree yeah bell yeah yeah I will I look the whole idea and listen I understand that bell gays don't see eye to eye you mean to tell me you prove that offense of line **** bell okay go back to being close to a player he was with the Pittsburgh Steelers well certainly cat that but that's passed the factory they already signed him so they did that so yeah you know and he he he's a feature back to you yet you know giving it to fall okay all right yeah no that's fine one fourth round pick no one will be a salary dump it would be a case of gays and Douglas talk it out and saying give it will get some more production from Rhett running back there were not even have to pay even close to what we're paying leaving about another contending team the teams were interested that you'd be interested again though there there would be teams I'd be willing to bring live yeah Billboard even at his number Michael Massachusetts the fat was Carmichael how are you I do love Michael I believe I'm I'm not from around there I'm assuming you're a jets fan I have not no you're now you giant sand I am not no you're nothing neither will you not nothing no nothing is it in here but yes I've been a giant two years okay and I gotta tell you I can't quite fathom how you can say that day Gelman has not done a horrific job I mean to pick se Kwan Barkley is like I mean I could pick them anyone that picked up does not show any any ability as a GM and his his his true ability was shown this year in this year's draft when he's when he chose Daniel Jones at number six when he had what is being described as a generational player in Josh Alan that fell to him and I've been I believe quite sincerely that he could have easily parlayed his next two first round draft picks it was so afraid of losing Jones moved up enough spots and I've taken him and he could have had both players but I mean anything's a but number one to go back to the initial point about C. qual Barkley no I don't I don't think it's just everybody and their mother what attracted him because there are many people believe that they've got a man should never tried to take one part my point is you said that Barkley has turned out to be a great player saying that that it it it would have been very bizarre had he not been a great player so wasn't like you know that that it took a great deal of football act given to pick him yeah I mean I would take him second either my through the Penn state running backs that been busted asal football league absolutely but I mean they this won't and Thomas yeah but that's not really the point the point was the guy look like that yeah he could have been a box but quarterback he's a he's a terrible general manager is not easy if you look at it if the very fact of your bothered by the fact they get Josh our right that's really bothered by the address hello all right so he addresses and make sure that he gets his quarterback of the future of Daniel Jones it is second unless Daniel Jones Joe Montana or or Tom Brady I'm just not buying it to be Tom Brady already does have to be Joe Montana when you have to be either one of those two in but I'm sorry he's number six pick I thank you was a franchise if you go on the argument if we just let it play out here Michael we go on the argument that Jones is a franchise quarterback he is solved the biggest of the the giants have had in quite some time no that's not true because it is needed they have had in quite some time is our offensive line they signed the quarterback you don't think the quarterback is a big need of course it's a big need but you keep it but then why do you sign the line manning for on two million dollars if you're going to pick your franchise quarterback many many was on the contract no no no no no no no that's not correct.

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