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You know the that's not too far from newark patrick elizabeth while in high school the his high school wednesday championships in football basketball baseball he played his basketball baseball niagara you elia niagara falls murphy he's talking right there he's calling out tie liu and the cavs 'cause they kept doing the same damn thing it was really weird in in the post game i can't find the cutting system but thai lewis pushed upon why they can't defending the three and kevin trained kept taken into the whole and i have this i don't have the sand we'll get it for you later but the written words tyler who after the game quote they're the best i've ever seen somebody said can you elaborate on that he wrote we may have that and he said they're the best i've ever seen i mean no other team has done this right so thirteen onoh in they constantly break records every year last year seventy three and nine this year starting the playoffs thirteen in oh so they're playing good basketball but we can play better true i don't know if i mean i think what he's saying is is is right the warriors have this seventy three win so remember okay they win the first title in 2015 every tells them there were lucky could carry was hurt in san antonio didn't netflix san antonio center so they faced 2016 with his vengeance and they win seventy three games then the darkness falls in the darkness tremont suspended art darkness he watches the rangers game with marchan in the sweet bobby myers end bobby myers and so now they lose that and now they have this motivation to try to big time right that wrong so they're playing as if i mean i know mission i know.

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