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In my experience, usually because the person refuses to take responsibility for what they did in the past or lies about what they did in the past or. Victim blames for what they did in the past I feel like that is a nuance that is often overlooked in in discussion cancel with. I agree and I think about yeah and and it's Har-. It's not easy for us to kind of decide when somebody commits a forgivable act or how you know how you're supposed to take responsibility and even I ask these questions in the book like. I know that people there are some people who who are rightfully. So still upset with me even though I did resign who you know who wants some kind of who more accountability or responsibility and and and I ask and I genuinely mean this, what can I do but I don't I know that I shouldn't be putting the responsibility on anyone else to to try and figure out what the what the right thing to do. But I think it's a question we should be asking ourselves because it's certainly one that I'm asking myself and and I guess the only answer I've come up with is to to try to the to do something positive with it. Knowing, that my my resignation has had a has had an impact on people in a you know and and certainly on myself it was it was something that I you know I have course didn't want to resign, but it also had reverberating impacts. We lost that seat that I flipped I hope we get back in November but so I feel a great deal of responsibility for so many things and I I think that the only way I can live with myself is by. Trying to divert it into my energy into something positive. You talk a lot about how it would be great if women not just had as sort of equal representation at this point, but actually, it just were in charge of everything for a while which I completely agree with. You know and. And, we're not there. We're not going to get there but we we at least now have a a woman as vice president candidates from your from your own State and California how do we talk about the though the that that women should be in charge of more people are always throwing back though so that's identity politics know how how do we frame this messaging in a way to to make it clear that that look no we we should be putting women in charge because they have had different experiences and and that's not just identity politics whatever that Y- yeah. Yeah well, I think that that's That's sort of been defy. In. The way that I've been talking about it is that like I'm of the the whole concept of you know, you shouldn't vote for a woman because she's a woman or. You know you don't want to vote for somebody just because of their identity of course, it's not just because of that. But my point is that if a woman has reached the level that you know of running for office of being considered a serious candidate of you know of whatever she's had to accomplish in our life to get to that point then she's probably more qualified than the guys that she's running against anyway. Just because of the double standards that we've had to face our entire through are throughout our entire existence, and so I like to stay that we should vote for women because they're women and that we shouldn't shy away from that because it is it does bring a diversity of experience and a different way of governing and you know a different. Way of collaborating and of leading and it it has we need to to aggressively make strides in trying to turn over who holds the power forever going to get to fifty percent. If we're ever going to even get to parody than were we, we're going to have to do it with intentionally and I'm even asking allies men who our allies instead of. Insisting on being the candidate yourself can you support a woman? Who is can you? You know if you're if you're this guy who's wanted to be in politics forever what about your wife like she could? She be better at this than you and I think that there's a there's a real and by the way I'm saying this because I several of the men that I that I was in Congress with like I got to their wives to and I'm like you guys would be so much better than your husband's sometimes they are behind the scenes but I just wish that they. That they were the ones who are in front you I think I think about Gavin newsom in. I. I don't get me wrong. He's he's my governor I. Love Him but his wife Jennifer symbolism is just incredible and I'm like I just wish. She was. He was the first man and she was the she was the principal. But you know, I think that that's a that's really the messing around. It should be that look this is an identity politics. This is we are half of the population and we all want is equal representation. We just want half of you know we're not. We're not saying that men should be gone. We're not saying that they they shouldn't have a say at all but we're saying that you've had the say for thousands of years and it's it's time for us clearly, it's not working. It's time for us to have a little bit of a change in the evidence. The research backs it up that you know women in leadership positions or when you have a a a large enough percentage of women in. Governance. In different kinds of legislative bodies, it makes a true impact women send more money back to their districts. They they a they've done better. This was just published that that the response to covid has been better in their led by women and you know the the. Situation after situation like that. Which I detail in the book. All right. So speaking of the book, How do our listeners get the puck short? So you can go to she will rise book Dot Com, and it gives you all the different places that you can buy it with the Audio e book with got print Format that's it I feel like that's all the site. The. It gives you all the different vendors that you can buy it from and You know obviously it's on it's on all the big ones Amazon included and I. If. People want. to follow the pack, shoot a really important one, and that's her dash time dot com and we'll put links to those on our website as well. I. Love that you did the Audio Book Yourself I am a big fan of audio books because I can do things like workout at the same time and you know you those. MOMS do. So. I. I love audiobooks anyway I think you know having it in your own voice makes it even that much more meaningful. So I'm really glad that you did audiobook yourself. Yeah that was an interesting experience to yeah I'm glad that I did it as well. Are you still in in touch with your friends from Congress I knew you were roommates with Lauren Underwood who's been a longtime friend of the PODCAST. Oh definitely. Yeah I'm I'm in touch with with a lot of them and I live primarily in DC still so I can still is the right word end so when they were coming back a lot. I was getting together with them and I got to with descaling a bit better with Cova Than California is a lot better than California as into we. You know we had dinner outside and things like that. So it's you know they're still Serving in the trenches of some kind when you know it's very difficult to kind of explain what that's what it's like to serve if you if you haven't been in there and so there's just something nice about.

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