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Group you and everything approves the obvious that is he's a very site person then he was to do us about what he's options where seemed to us and he agreed that the best thing market to get out of a strategy and take advantage of what we would describe some very civilising legislation it's whissel so why does he need to leave australia to go to switzerland in order to do this i understand that assisted dying has been legalized in one australian state but why is it not possible for dr goodell to use this law it's true that administrator had the world's first legislation that's how i got involved twenty years ago in the middle of the territory that was short lived law though and we went back into the dark ages australia ninety recently did another state victoria bringing a law which hasn't come into effect it'll come into vic next year two thousand nine but that law is as they say in victoria roll the premier this is the world's most conservative they say proudly which in effect means it's almost the world's most unworkable law you are going to have to be just about data to qualify so david would never qualify don't fill nature the founder of exit international the australian medical association remains strongly opposed to assisted dying as its president dr michael gannon told jillian marshall well what the good old does is very much his personal business but the straddling medical association like the british medical association and lock the overwhelming majority of member nations of the world medical association has positions against euthanasia and physician assisted suicide destroy and position acknowledges that these laws are matter society and they parliaments that our ethical position reminds the fact that doctors should not involve themselves in interventions that have as their primary intention the ending of patience lawf and that's all to do with the hippocratic oath that your business is keeping people alive not killing them well of course you're quite correct in drawing the law and all the way back from our hippocratic tradition but even the the modern incarnation.

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