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Scotty ferrall. I'm not in a good mood. Even though we're twenty five minutes into two thousand nineteen because I'm still upset about something that happened in two thousand eighteen. About a few weeks ago was seventeen eighteen days. I was very excited when my alma mater temple university, which has done a fantastic job in improving the football team. They've taken the football team from a program that some people want to drop years ago and turning it into one of the better non power five programs a program that has done a great job in producing coaches for the power five. Whether it was Matt rule who did a great job at temple whether Rozelle golden who ended up going to Miami Steve adagio who went to Boston College. Or just recently. Jeff Collins, they've done a very nice job. Not only performing well on the football field. Having a program that does not have a lot of controversy in terms of players off the field. They have a very respectable program. Now at. Temple that doesn't necessarily draw the most attendance, but it's a program that's had some fun over the last few years. And it's a program that had college game bet beat Penn State for the first time in seventy four years, and they also won the American athletic conference championship. So this is a program that they don't have major major success. It's not a program that you always talk about nationally. But they've done a nice job for what the situation has been. And they've been a program that was looked at as a program that could have been dropped ten fifteen years ago. And they've turned this thing around and the temple football train is moving in the right direction. But it can only go so far because of the system of college football. So we get into this debate. When they lose Jeff Collins to Georgia Tech after two years. And you get into the debate of if you're one of these non power five programs. What do you do do you elect to hire the next best coach or do you bring someone in that will stick around for six plus years four plus years, whatever it is? And for the last few years, my approach has been you get the next hot candidate. So Matt rural put this program in a very nice spot after L golden the next hot. Candidate was Jeff Collins is defensive coordinator Collins, a nice job. He leaves so decision to make do you go with someone that will be extremely loyal to the university. And may not be extremely popular. Or do you elect to make the decision to get a coach that may only be there for a year or two and temple elected to get? Manny Diaz the creator of the turnover chain who was the defensive coordinator for the Miami hurricanes. And I thought it was a home run hire. You are so many positive things about Manny Diaz. And I was very excited because you hear how great of a person he is how great the coaches, and you heard a lot of people in the Miami community that were very upset. But losing Manny Diaz because of how important he was to some of the success that Miami has recently had so with that being said, you hear all these great things you're thinking temples, get a great coach. But here's the problem. When you're not a power.

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