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It's Wednesday November seventh get out your tape measures. A lot of Democrats are getting new offices. We start here. In a starkly alignment, the house of representatives changes hands. Day in America. Pack of new faces is coming to Washington what it means for the hundred sixteen th congress was this really a Blue Wave though, maybe you get a ripple. But I certainly don't think that there's a blue out your publicans held the Senate, and what happens as the lead there grows. And there are still a lot of unknowns. This morning, certainly preparing for big changes in the administration. What is about to change starting right now from ABC news got a special edition of start here. I'm Brad milkey. Let's get going. All right. Find our way, we're we're going here. To go up to review, and then you're gonna voca right? And you'll see. It's six PM, and I'm deep in the bowels of ABC news headquarters in New York. So Martha and this is the moment, everyone is getting really psyched polls have just closed in Indiana and Kentucky David Muir is about to start up world news. All right. So we're onset right now. And our political team is getting in place for election coverage. Oh, I'm I'm ready. Are you ready? Obviously, I'm recording. Always recording us and then all right years in the house. Here we go Rothen running on what turned into a momentous night tonight. Several developing stories as we come on the air, the first results set to come in pulls began closing in Georgia in Indiana. Then a big chunk of the country. Good evening. It's eight o'clock in the east polls have closed in half the country. This is the two thousand eighteen midterm election. And for more than a year two words have dominated the political conversation right away. Democrats have been energized voter groups that traditionally stay away from midterm polls were saying loudly. Oh, we're showing up this year. But then within a couple of hours, we started to see we do result coming in from the house of this disappointment to Democrats comes from the state of Kentucky. Several those Tausif races were not going Democrats way show Blackburn will win the Senate seat in the state of Tennessee, Marsha blah, enter partners at five thirty eight have this model they've been feeding data into the forecast, right? It said Democrats were this huge favor to win the house. Republicans were. Sure thing to win the Senate will as it was updated in real time started taking those race results into account and suddenly they're still slight favorites and our forecast, but this is not the best case scenario for democrat. Democrats were sweating bullets there. House majority was suddenly even money. The Republican Senate was the law news project. The Republicans will keep control of the Senate. But then crafts did start to flip some seats. I in some areas, they expected a democrat back in control in the governor's mansion in Springfield, Illinois and some spots. They didn't Pennsylvania six Chester county. Chrissy, Houlahan democrat, Mikey Cheryl in the state of New Jersey. The state of Minnesota democrat dean Phillips is a projected winner. I think Democrats are probably breathing a little bit of a sigh of relief as they see some of the these new seats turning their way across the country, overnight people's representatives weren't just a different party in Kansas state, Senator Laura Kelly, defeats Republican secretary of state Chris Kobuk, they looked different to a first two Muslim, women or elected. Congress Democrats in Michigan and Minnesota as we post this Democrats have one close to thirty seats in the house they needed twenty three. And despite a couple of stumbles Nevada voters turned against the Republican in the Senate race Republicans now haven't even wider Senate majority than they did when the night began. So that's what went down. The question is how am I find out hustled back on set?.

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