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Let's not bring cam back. Then just rebuild it because we're not GONNA win the division anyway and then you have old Andrew Breeze and then you have the Falcons who are intriguing but certainly not a lock to rebound fully in two thousand twenty. That's a good situ I'm looking at it from that perspective. Because Tom Brady doesn't wanNA embarrassed he doesn't want to get go somewhere and go eight and eight. He wants to win the division and make a super bowl run. I think the only team that he could go to. Without having any flack as if he goes to San Francisco because he could say it's a homecoming and he wants to end his career playing in the place. Rabeni got to be perceived as having pushed out Jimmy G. Which and he'll get a bad guy. Stink on them for doing that. Right which is why nothing else makes. There's no way Tom Brady. Who is now a brand could be like. Oh I think going to Tampa Bay is a move and there's no. I'm trying to think of in terms of his his reasoning. You can say why. It's smart to leave New England for data that you can't say why it smart to leave. New England for whether was Vegas or if it's Los Angeles or if it's Indianapolis to me there's just not that makes sense in terms of a PR move besides just that but if you want if you want publicity for something if you're say the owner or if there's a business a burgeoning business that bears your name than you might be incentive to move to southern California especially if that is a holistic rehab type center like TB. Twelve is if you land that. Where's the epicenter of that? Twenty-first-century sort of doctor in more than southern California's in these United States. That makes a lot of sense. Tom Brady takes his brand to southern California. That makes a lot of sense to me. If he is okay with going eight and having a mediocre nate you think he goes eight and eight with the chargers. I wouldn't be. Are you crazy? I think that's a good team with him. They're all wait a minute. Well that's a great one to leave on then. We'll debate that later in the week. There's just no what a pain in that. What am I talk about that on the box? I think he'd be great in the bugs or the colts. But I I mean. I don't see what they've already said the cultivars and that's fine but I'm too in terms of teams. That have been rumored. Those make more sense in terms of football and winning games. Are you talking about? If they franchise tag Hunter Henry. What ARE UTAH? That's the best trio of pass catchers off the top of my head. I think that you could throw out and football. I maybe I just don't trust the chargers. Maybe I don't want everyone had them very very last year and they fell apart and Tom. Tom was okay last year. He wasn't you know obviously not Brady of old. But I don't know I I don't know Mike Williams Keenan Allen Hunter Henry. I'm sure people will let me know that I'm crazy to say that I'm I must be forgetting somebody out there. I Guess Travis Kelsey Tyreek Hill. Sammy Watkins he goes back would be a superior anyway. You get my point. I think that the offense if they can address the offensive line a little bit. I don't know man. We need to get a left tackle. But there are several good options. Apparently according to Daniel Jeremiah. Coming Out Indianapolis all right. That's it. Let's we'll continue to debate that later in the week. In the meantime though at Spaghetti good stuff from you number fifty five Willie mcginest always insightful. Always delightful and always good smell and like. I said at the top of the show and hopefully we'll get him back sooner rather than later Spaghetti. Stay on that. Hold him to it off. Season is here after all in the off season is damaged season. So with that being said we'll keep us with a little later in the week until then thanks so much football fans. It's been a thin slice of heaven..

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