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You get the waffle the the fries. Larrea the Walker value meal. That's I mean, listen, we're all trying to save money these days. So maybe swap it out give it a shot. Tell Mark Arum said it's legal to swap out the phone. Okay. Fries for the regular fries. I would definitely do that. And they'd be like, yeah. That's plus two dollars. Just like adding a Caesar salad to any dinner as opposed to a regular. Johnny Johnny, Johnny. All right. That's I'm intrigued I'm gonna try those again, there's no really go to fast food out there that that does. I never drive to anywhere to get a fast food desert is what I'm saying. Right. So this is this might be a destination. It's definitely worth a shot because they're only going to be around for a limited time. Johnny kay. We appreciate your is always an cholesterol's high baby, boom. I follow me on Twitter. Listen, my podcast on any podcast app, or Johnny, Johnny. Check about online. Johnny kielbasa dot com. We got Super Bowl week next week. So that the schedule is tentative, but let's try to do Monday and Wednesday of next week. How's that? That sounds good to me, man. I appreciate your bra. There you go Johnny k and the fast food review Russ in Gainesville. Come here a minute. I wanna talk welcome to the show. Russell. How are you? My friend. Hey, buddy. I'm great. How are you? I am not eating beef aronie. So I am not having his days as leeann was did she enjoy the beef for Oni and the chocolate milk? Some minute ago. Did you? So I had a I had a comment from a concerned listener that they were worried. So they they sent me an Email and said, hey, I heard the segment Ross about the beef Reno and chocolate milk, and they were concerned that the because of that specific fair that this girl was underage. They're like this guy's like my my nine year old daughter used to want beef for and chocolate milk. So please tell me leeann is of age, right? Forty forty five. Okay. Forty five she just has the the appetite of a a nine year old and you have the stomach of a nine. Yes. Indeed. All right. So she's all right. Good. That's good to know. Russ. So hit. I wanted to call you and tell you this because you know, I worked at a radio station. So we go free ticket. Yes. I saw everybody. Got to tell you one of the best ever saw him my with. He's amazing. I front row seats to Neil diamond at the Gwinnett arena Philips arena. It was awesome. So good. I only saw him once in the Omni. But I I gotta say he he was just fantastic. You know, people think about but one of the greatest Jewish musicians. Also, gene Simmons kiss. Yeah. How Jewish is that that is pretty Jewish. I'm assuming and and that guy who's the folksinger.

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