A new story from Radio Free Endor: A 'Star Wars' Podcast


Yes test is an order by more people than they exhibited sending level of disobedience district gov folders bad batch squats nothing but trouble but we get the job dodge. He'll climb both ninety nine. Let's go prepping to trump ninety nine to get out of here. Wanna come with us. Welcome to radio free. Endo and the special edition recorded on may the fourth istanbul's they. How great is that. We've got absolutely lowest. Took of all the stuff he can buy systems. You can watch. It's all happening on disney plus and disney stores. That's so to unpack. It'll and go through it. All is my son christopher. How you doing. Chris really good. There's some exciting so five came out on this very special may the fourth. I'm sure we'll deep dive into a loss of it. The absolutely i rushed home from leg. Because not only if you got star wars the batch but you got some over little traits that are worth having a look at disney plus plus disney store shops of got some brand spanking new merchandise. So we'll have a look for that as well and we can also talk of what we're looking at read in buying and basically plane so then chris where she we start off. Yeah i is is worth as i walk goodies. Have we picked up this star wars day because normally as you know Legend imagine dies gets released but also said much tacos. Oughta for me This this year. I have bought a pre destroyed. Lego i raised crest and also allegro From the disney store in the uk.

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