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Steve Francis, Basketball, Arthur discussed on The Right Time with Bomani Jones - Trading Porzingis not as crazy as it sounds: 6/22/17


Yay audi francis havi for as we get steve francis we got tiezhi chandler we have kevin durant available that's correct that's it that guy's all sports center they put up the last ten number two picks it is not in impressive bunch is not right like look bad get the franchise changer is horde it's easier a basketball the any of the sport but it's hard by the way you talk about people and things that need scrutiny as looked up at the television asked us up mafialike any be scrutinize a little bit more and as josh jackson burst you try to do to twenty years old it's a strong as hell a east twenty twenty what twenty two a twenty change twenty up to a new twenty i shot a sum up there in merlo jacket that he's where it i i can't be was passed between these days there's no way that with pass which way also said if you didn't know drill arthur still in the league from kansas yes he plays for the nuggets guess who else played some games for the next okay only six of baruah hibbert plates games for the nights this year roy hibbert roy while jordi forget i forgot he i forgot how even got to the nuggets authorities which charlotte right he was the lakers last tabai looked at that were me pages ray hibberd it was a mere what for three years ago the robber was the bronze stopper held abroad i hear thrown up these floaters trying to figure out how to manufacture data maneuver it yeah prohibit was response for that one block a writer one block that turned the knicks fortunes around here that did happen.

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