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Big glass window on it and there's a table on the porch in my backyard and and there's nothing else on the table except for my big giant glass bong which is just sitting there because i've been smoking these trees and taylor thought like immediately didn't realize what the woman had said she thought she was asking about the curtains or lack thereof so she's like oh yeah we don't have curtains yet ha they're coming soon or whatever and the woman's like no bong so taylor turns and realizes that my comically large bong ju sitting out in plain sight and obviously she turns bright red and she's like oh yeah that's my husband's he doesn't even drink but he does smoke weed and the neighbor woman's response was oh we're so totally four twenty friendly with saying wow did not see that that coming yeah she's totally cool about it like in front of her threeyearold in it's just so funny because like this is such an austin story like people love to have quirky weed smoking yuppies for neighbors for some reason just to sit saying the phrase four twenty friendly immediately lets me know you don't smoke weed like you i at least i'm maybe i don't know it's it's hard to say because she's a mother would to kids and moms say dorky shit but like four twenty friendly is something that like a business would would you know advertise themselves as or somewhere a roommate on craigslist yeah or a roommate on craigslist who's okay with you smoking weed or whatever is just so funny to like that those words actually came out of this mother of two her mouth in this not you know this neighborhood and we are so for twenty friendly like no big deal it's totally cool totally cool your giant bong we've just moved in and it's just funny that now this is the image that my neighbors have actually ran past them yesterday with my new brooks running shoes on that mike and i got sent to us by brooks again thank you brooks i'm wearing mine right now yet outs brooks cut the check we iran pass their house and they the whole family was out in the front yard like watering the plants or some shit and i like wave like it's me the guy with the three foot tall giant glass bong anyway i ended up getting yelled at she didn't try and go with the owner that's a flower pot or vase that's that's one of the okay so i'd say probably about our no man like thirty thirty forty feet from the front of the back but it's big it's like it's pretty obvious what it is and that would have been my move to be like on the flow but it was so fucking obvious and it was turned in his taylor immediately came and woke me up and told me afterwards and i went and looked i stood at the front door and looked back it was turned in a way that you can see the bowl and the stem coming it's like it was a bomb yeah couldn't have been anything else it was like literally the only thing you could see from the front door to the back door is just this giant bong but the fact that she recognized it in said something was so funny to me maybe she is cool i don't know four twenty friendly so twenty friendly mica i mean i sure hope so i'm in my own fucking house you're not gonna do anything about it i really what you've done been like you can't smoke weed in this era i can do whatever my husband's do whatever the hell he wants his own home i guess you couldn't have been like that's illegal like what he you know i mean i don't know the cops narc it's it's funny you want to go to war well you know i hope she's barley gang i hope so too i really do try to friend her and her husband on instagram in like some effort to you know i don't know just i don't know my fucking neighbors men any to get the no these people he accepted she hasn't i don't know if that says anything it also might not be her i just searched your name call you never know yeah hard to say if you're a regular listener you've heard about.

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