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A well fought battle, we did a great job on essentially it's very clear that he, thinks this question about second twelve Russian officers who are again accused of, attacking the American electoral system the whole issue is meant to undercut him he is completely focused on the fact that these people were not affiliated with, his campaign and has nothing to do with, him just to, say, it, one time, again and. I say it all the time There was. No collusion I didn't know the president There was nobody to collude with so he used it through, the prism of his own campaign and his election the. Democratic? System and the electoral process that was undermined right we ran a. Brilliant campaign and that's. Why I'm president thank you So then you know it's Putin's turned to answer and at this point, he basically doesn't have anything anymore Trump has already made. His? Case who is to be believed entered who's not to. Be believed You can trust no one if you if you take, this where did you, get this, idea that President. Trump trusts me or I trust. Him he defense the interest of the United States of America and? I do defend the, interests of the Russian federation. And he essentially says you know there's no proof we. Should be guided by facts could you name a single fact, that would definitively prove the collusion This is nonsense Just like the, president recently mentioned just listen to. Your own president he just denied that, we did this, so you know don't take my. Word. For it yeah take your own president's. Word for it that was really striking because a lot of these encounters are about message and what set in public and what is. Seen in public And the spectacle of the two of them up there both defending Russia and essentially rolling their eyes and calling. Ridiculous the basis of a federal investigation that's been legitimised by the entire intelligence community of the United States was something okay final question from the United States who go to Jonathan Lemaire from the AP the second American question the final question? Was from the Associated, Press reporter and he basically just put it? To President Trump, very directly who do you believe just now President Putin denied having anything to do with. The election year in two thousand sixteen every US intelligence agency has concluded that Russia did what who, my first question for you sir. Is who do you believe my second, question is would, you now with the whole world. Watching, tell President Putin would you denounce what. Happened in two thousand sixteen warned him to never do it again this is kind of the final chance for Trump to say something Judgmental at all about the Russian, interference in the US election in front of the man who directed that's right so let me just say that we have two thoughts you have groups that are wondering why. The. FBI never took the server and sort of pivots to say DEA of where. Hillary Clinton's emails what, happened to the servers of the Pakistani gentlemen that worked on the DNC where are the servers they're missing where. Are they what happened to Hillary Clinton's emails thirty three thousand emails gone just gone I think in Russia they wouldn't begun so easily why didn't the FBI can't access to the servers at the dancy that were hacked into why was the? FBI told to leave, the office of the Democratic National Committee I've? Been wondering that, I've been asking that for months and months and I've been tweeting it out and calling. It out on social media where is the server and he essentially I. Don't know which to believe. And he kind of indicates the he leans toward Putin I have President Putin he just said it's not Russia I will say this I don't see any reason why? It would be but I really do want to see the server, but I have I have confidence in both parties and he said I have confidence in both. Parties both parties Both Putin and his intelligence officials so I have great confidence in my intelligence people but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful than his denial today essentially as if. He's making excuses for Putin who's sitting there. Smart gang, and looks like feeling very good about himself Julie what is the reaction in the room, at this moment I mean what is it like to be in that room as the president of the United States rejects his own. Country's version of events in favor, of Russia's this country that we, are accusing of having..

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