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Broadcasting and then I tell them it was one day in spring training at camelback ranch it was the spring training Sunday game between the Dodgers and the Colorado Rockies and I got to do the radio play by play and vin Scully was doing T. V. that game so when Scully was there he would do the first three innings final cast then he would do the remaining six on television and throw it to somebody else to do radio so that particular day I and I and I can say this that Dodger baseball was broadcast by vin Scully and me and that is the greatest thrill and I still have the tape of vin Scully throwing it to me you know and now for more play by it is like having a portrait by Picasso right you know it and I tell that to people all the time but he in all the years and all the wonderful people that that I have met through through this profession and all of that no matter what people say about vin Scully it almost isn't enough he is such a wonderful person beyond all his skill as a broadcaster he he blows that away in terms of of just what a wonderful man he is yep he really is and it's it's not very genuine he and I came home from spring training one time we were on the same flight and it'd been a long day and you could tell he was very tired and we arrived at LAX and we're walking through the terminal and some people see him and they wanted his autograph and they wanted a picture with them like I said he was very tired and at the time he was probably eighty three eighty four years old he stop sign the autographs took the pictures you know he could have easily said look I'm I'm really tired thank you like I can't do it now but he he took the time to accommodate each and every person well in the final minute I have with you is since we're getting everybody's on knowing ians do you think we're going to see the game we love this summer I think we'll see some version of it and for that I'm very thankful no it won't be regular baseball and I know people are upset about that but if the alternative is nothing then yeah let me see here a game at chase field that's fine with me yeah like somebody said if somebody said you won't be kicked in the shins and you'd say no I don't miss all you want to be hit in the head to go no what do you won't get hit in the head if you allow me to be kicked in the shins then yeah if that's how I get baseball that so we'll get baseball right exactly yeah exactly yeah I it's hard to think of going on a whole year without baseball and I'm I'm like watching old baseball games I'm I'm doing everything I can to still get my baseball fix well I always love our conversations my friend I look forward to our paths crossing in the press box at Dodger Stadium or somewhere else along the way kennel vine a terrific writer a wonderful friend and and I keep doing it for as long as you can can and and I look forward to the next time we're together thanks and I look forward to hearing you do play by play and me me to get me to that's that's our guess canelo vine you can keep up with them at his blog by Ken Levine dot com he has a wonderful podcast as well Hollywood and Levine a baseball play by play guy who all along the way he happens to have unlawful award winning TV scripts to to fill a bookshelf and I always have fun when I get together with can we are going to come up here on the top of the hour and and get our news going again we're gonna talk more baseball in the six o'clock hour Zach Wilson the Rockies assistant general manager.

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