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He has the best game of his life as a pro last night against the Packers was that say about the Packers? It says that they're Aaron Rodgers in some guys, David, Blaine, you guys for me with magician. He's a allusion l'anonima -sition illusionist, right? That's what Aaron Rodgers does for Green Bay and every since he's come there. And I remember the first time I saw David Blaine, and it was amazing because he was. Is in the Cowboys locker room, Michael Irvin prime time. They were in the locker room and he made a guy levity and they ran out of the locker room every time I see the Aaron Rodgers. I expect dislike, Blaine. I want to at least see a man Levin because I've seen it before. That's my expectation. I've already seen them before. I know what he does every time I see him he's on TV special eventually does a bunch of stuff goes into a query them all that kind of stuff. Get shamed them. I wanna see somebody come off the ground because my expectations I've seen him do it. Aaron Rodgers usual like this. When you when you're going to expect, I expected to minute drive not once twice the same thing he did last night. I'm not gonna say I wasn't impressed, four hundred twenty five yards first time in NFL history quarterback back to back game four hundred yards. No interceptions yes, but I saw make people come off the ground. This is what Aaron Rodgers does for this organization and you're right, but we think they're better than what they are. Is this really a SuperBowl caliber team only because of what you said earlier, which is he can get hot for a month. They need him to play this level for a month and to get a little lucky like that is what they have to do to win a super what has to happen then for the team to look and say, this isn't enough. It's not sustainable. We can't rely on him in the fourth quarter of two minutes left every single time, like what has to happen because he was out last few and you saw what happened with the team and they said, we don't need to fix anything. As soon as he comes back, we'll still be is just too early in the season. He's a football coach, but ultimately. The gentleman's yet, right? He no longer resides there. No, they got rid of how many coaches, five. Oh, Aaron Rodgers. Not going anywhere. But next conversation jenner's about the head coach. That's the only thing you can conversation about. We've got draft capital. We DB's. We spent some rush of some rush guys. They have not developed. We change some of the coaching staff. We got Aaron too indiscreet as far as contract. The next conversation is about that head coach. Is he the guy that makes the difference for that organization? As Manzini says, is he a force multiplier? And they're still huge question marks as far as how Green Bay Packers actually move forward and improve. I think one of the things you have to understand when you pay a quarterback that much money and he's making a ton of money, and that eats up that much of your salary cap, what you have to have and make no bones about this. Just because you coach in the NFL does not mean you're good coach. There are a lot of bad coaches in the NFL. There that have cer-. Right? They have survived because it's old boys network. Okay. So there's a lot of bad coaching. You had better figure out how you're going to develop young players because the way the way it operates, I call it the seventy thirty rule. You thirty percent of guys make seventy percent of the money. That's how your cap operates right now, your cap, essentially seventy percent of your cap is eaten up by your top ten guy, eight guys in your in your fifty three. So you damn well better have coaches that can teach young players how to play at a high level in this game. That's what says the New England, Patriots. It's exactly what sets the New England Patriots bar the why. Why do they go to into every September intern, the Super Bowl because they take a bunch of young players. They coached those guys. They teach him how to play football. They develop them during the course of the season..

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