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I can hunt championship again. Brother on my ball and your title Dramatic that drew mcintyre ziegler and Robert rubin come out big bob in in in in big drew or whatever the hell. He's call himself. Big d and biggie. And big bob and and and little z. And all these damn initials that was floating around in this segment literally. Zych felt like i was watching a nursery rhyme edition of sesame street almost I loved the not. I will say this. I'll be complemented this. I love the fact that dolly ziglar and wwe. I let's have credit where credit is due to writers essentially. Hey didn't some stuff go down back in the day involving biggie dolf ziegler. Aj lee and ziegler and drew mcintyre in some stuff going on here. And i love the fact that they pretty much it back to two thousand thirteen. When biggie pretty much made his presence felt to the wwe universe and all of that and the ad align himself with align himself there with dolph ziegler in aj li. I love that nice little now. We were just on this show some weeks back just going down the history fact. It was when big when the wwe championship. We were talking about that period. Right there so it's nice to see how everything joe's strung along there and that nice segment that they did tonight. They also brought up. Drew mcintyre wounded back to two thousand eighteen. Not that long ago. How about that but they wanted it back to two thousand eighteen true ziegler right all. It is pretty much led to a match attack batch. Neil drew pretty much ambi pretty much owning the crap out of dolf ziegler robber. Rude decent little matchup. I'll say was decent decent low matchup See what else. Women's tag team championship match natty to meena taken on nikki ash rear ripley tag champions retain retaining big yawn. Big fucking yawn wish. I was being crude which i was being amini. Now next goldberg the icon..

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