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At the table is was definitely guard. Shaquille o'neal because i was the baby always eight. I i know in your senior year in high school. You went to oak hill academy. I'm familiar with that school but tell everybody what that school is like. Because it's very turned out a lot of great players. Yeah it was. I went there This kinda getting bombarded my last year of highschool with with the recruitment and there's so many different dynamics there and i i play with jeff mcginnis on a u. team and he was already it. Okay look at him and he was just you know man. You should come. You should come. And i just i was like all right. I'm gonna take a ride up me and my mother drove up to two okay. You and it was a swear as off the beaten path. Unlike any place. I've ever seen before just seemed like in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. First time i've ever been you know drove through the mountains. And when i got there and it was just a great county just basketball atmosphere I had already pretty much completed all of my academic requirements from sat. And all that so. It was more about basketball. They're really trying to gear myself for know being prepared for that. I first year college. But it's a special place that a lot of different athletes. Camello anthony needed or josh smith. kevin durant and all the different names that have come in come through their And you know coach. Smith has been then the state coach steve smith. He's one of the best high school coaches Probably ever and they just you know teach guys game of basketball and that's all you can do not a lot that you can can do other than the game of basketball while you're up there because like i said is in the middle of nowhere but if i had to do it all again i was still do the same thing. You were a player of the year coming out of high school and i. I've always thought that it's really unfair. The mismatch of an eighteen year old kid trying to make a very important decision as to where they're going to play their college ball. What was that like for you because everybody wanted to have jerry stackhouse. Yeah it was kinda you know it was flattering. You know just to that. You could go to any college that you want to know that i worked hard enough. You know earlier in my career to put myself in a position to be able to to choose whichever school wanted to go to. But i mean just growing up in you know eastern north carolina and grown up in north carolina. Right an acc territory. It was hard for me not to think about leave. Know playing anywhere else in college out there somewhere along tobacco road and and state north carolina. Duke was really high on my list. Florida state had a great visit. Virginia so i felt like those wanted to schools that i would choose but just sitting down with you know coach smith and understanding Who he was you know he was wanted to coach then you. Everything seemed like every coach. I talked to it was promising. Me a certain amount of minutes. You know you're going to do this and you're going to do that and coach kinda basically saying you come here and work hard gonna play and i gravitated more to that and it worked out worked out pretty good. What else struck you about dean smith. The first time you met him. Jerry i i knew of my new name even probably put it to face. You know 'cause. I was has a small kid watching. You know acc basketball. You always just mostly focused on the players and not so much to coach. But i knew. Dean smith named smith. He was like i tell you. Quick story just who. He was as My mom early in the day. I was having my in home. Visit michigan was coming in probably late morning. Their coach vance was coming in and at the new. You know my mom. You know she avid fan. But like steve. Smith came and we had coffee and doughnuts and you know had a nice visit. When coach before coach smith. She's in the kitchen cooking pork chops. Cooking cavs can everything so even though she'd never tried to tell me you know where to go to school. That was kind that subtle hint that you know you know this. This is who i really like. And they hit it off they right about the same age and it was just a a great fit for my family. All the way around. I would love to have been a fly on the wall for that first meeting. Let me ask you about north carolina when you got into college basketball. You were such a star but sometimes players. Don't check their egos at the door and forget they have to reprove themselves. What was the transition like for you. Well it was tough. You know i mean i think it was even though like i said i wanted to work hard for everything that got it. Felt like. I was working hard for for for who you know what i was trying to accomplish. And you know and north carolina says that we had a senior late and team had just come off winning the national championship. And you know. And i wanted it now and it's like any kid. I wanted that instant gratification and had to be some some growing pains. I mean when i was i was probably after every game. I felt like. I should have been playing a little bit more. You know coach talked to coach smith and he told me that you know grind reed who was a senior plan ahead of me. Tell me and you you you guys should try to be the best small forward in the country together in my mind i was like hey i feel like i could be the best small forward in the country by myself. That's how you thought as a young immature player and like said several times at the games. I was One in particular that was venting to my mother about this is the right place for me. This is right place for me. I feel like i am could go somewhere else. Be doing more and she just told me she just bay to that. Says he listened to me that you know as mothers do but she just told me if you start running now you'll be running the rest of your life great advice. That's just something that stuck with me. And i stuck it out. You know two weeks later in acc tournament. I want three freshman to ever. You know win the most outstanding players you know of. Acc tournament and so the best advice. Listen to your mom. If i would listen to myself and do what i wanna do. Probably would you know been moping impounding the rest of the way but she told me. Finish what i started and it worked out great. Let me also ask you about the fact that you were hyped. As the next jordan since both of you played in north carolina you both when number three in the draft. You were listed six six. You look similar physically. And you had those similar acrobatic games as well. Was that a weight on your shoulder. That really wasn't fair. Well i didn't really look at it like that because it was you know. I didn't even play shooting guard. Michael shooting guard his whole career. And i was you know i. I've played power forward in high school. So i think because of you know coming from north carolina from eastern north carolina bench. Six six. And you know the fact that i could dunk and do some things that you know. That was those natural paris's even know coming into north carolina and they grew the more you know going and coming into the nba but even like even in north carolina. I play pow for the most part it was small. I was never really shooting guard. The first time. I have played shooting guard in my in. My life was at the pro level so i felt like being able to Come into the game and and and make myself and work and make myself at all star you know at that level. That was enough of jerry. Stackhouse so i really let the comparisons what other people thought i should be. I mean nobody can live up to michael jordan. Who had done it. And i think this guy did. She say that had some success. You know maybe a coby bryant. But it's still. It's not to the level of michael jordan. So just you know. I never really tried to put that pressure on myself. If i could be the best jerry. Stackhouse aca beating that. Would you know that'd be pretty good and being able to play eighteen years and had created a hat. I feel really good about that jerry. Stackhouse's joined us on sports on. I'm when we come back. We'll talk about him being drafted in the first round third overall by the philadelphia seventy sixers and the rest of his nba career. We do that as we continue across the country and around the world on sports byline. Hello and welcome back to the ronnie deutsche tax program on the line is paul from california..

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