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Poop bag in the neighbor's trash can Whatever you've done, Fess up, 1 802 831. Oh, 1.5 years fast traffic watch for delays on route 80. Now the West bands out in Rockaway coming out. Take your 35 at Mount Hope Road. That's a crash. It looks like the left lane is closed. This report responsible Liberty Mutual insurance. We only pay for what you need. Nobody should have to pay for one size fits all insurance coverage. Liberty Mutual, Customize your car and home insurance. So you only pay for what you need. Turn by Westerns. First little bit Slow Coming Sale 10 to 15 W Parkway still have some roadwork going on north Chennai express lanes 1 14 to 1 16 to 27 overall in good shape 22 through union on the credit side, so his word one and Edison and 36 said Navas and Gavin you in Atlantic Highlands still closed. Out. Poland wires Situation lot of crowding up on Route nine through Manalapan Liquid and Tom Divert. If you're leaving New Jersey we're getting word of a crash on the upper deck of the George Washington Bridge. Two lanes to the writer blocked off Tom River's New Jersey traffic North Elmira, New Jersey Transit stuff. Here we go to the right and the parkway South bound south of the came a tolls down to Seattle City exit 17. Left lane is down for repairs and that is slowing it down. 42 South found is tied up at 1 30 down the creek road. And we have Commodore Barry Bridge Traffic slow across the span, leaving New jersey to 95. South bound. You're gonna feel the heat from exit 29 White horse Pike down to exit 2642. Traffic every 15 minutes next, reported 3 48 on New Jersey when a 1.5 New Jersey one at 1.5 instant weather. The Dew point is a measure.

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