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Pm through ten pm tuesday above thirty five hundred feet sophie plan ongoing across the passes dean take note of that currently in seattle we have his showers and forty six degrees stay connected stay informed this is komo news jeremy grater is at the editor's desk could have you with us we take a look at our top story authorities are now saying seventy seven passengers and seven crew members were on board that amtrak train that derailed near dupont this morning amtrak spokeswoman gave banks olesen gave the updated numbers at a news conference a little while ago the announcement lowered the number of passengers previously reported raise the number of crew members at this hour we have six people known to have died aired during that crash and we've been told by pierce county sheriff's detective ed troyer that there are few cars that could have passengers on them but they are too unstable to go inside inject those cars or more use a local private accident investigator he is with more forensics incorporate a good enough to join us on the komo news line and open like the rest of us you are gathering at the information add hand we've seen greater detail in terms of video based on that oh what are some of your thoughts are terms of why we may have have this horrible accident this morning well the prepared noted uh but i know that the train was going southbound night it looks like the of the leading locomotive my understanding if there's a locomotive on the front end the rear if this train locomotive seems to be the farthest south and uh of all the the cars and it appears that uh it's coming up in on a curve antidote approaches that left handed curve uh it just it simply jump the track and and did what i would be no one the business did it straightened out to kirk it didn't he just simply just didn't go around the curb defeat truck drivers do that alive and as well um to be looking at that uh it and looking at the distance.

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