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I thought she's never gonna want to go on camera because they had gone out once before for another series tried to film a scene with her ryan freaked out when he was five and camera. The whole thing was kind of a bust. So now here's ryan now fifteen years old and we wanted to take the family back to meet her you know and so that's what we were able to set up and do her. Name's maria lovely lovely person. But you know she didn't know what to make of this right and the other person that came on the in the scene was mardi martin's niece who was significantly marisha so she knew marty as an adult whereas marisa dad until you know until she was eight. There's also in some ways. The niece tony new mardi even better than maria did so we had the two of them there in la ryan and his mom went to the home. Where maria lives. Or this. All this marty martin stuff all over the house you know. Pictures ashtrays with his initials on them. Either a hat. that hasn't he had everything monogrammed. You know just stuff everywhere and so. That's probably what you're talking about you see and you know ryan is. He's kind of uncomfortable. He's fifteen years old. He's trying to live a life as a normal kid. It's not fucking circus act. That's what i took out of. It is like the the movie. The film series is going down two parallel tracks right. Which is what's really profound about it. One is the evidential track you now. Here's the evidence you should believe. Here's the evidence you should believe. In at some point you go fuck that here are the people who are experiencing what it means to come to this fundamental realization. About who they really are. I hats off to ryan ryan up performing a fucking circus act. He's deeply he's deeply trying to process the fact that he'd lived. Whatever that means this previous life so no he. Isn't you know he sees nice about it. He goes you. I'm sorry. I can't give you what you want but i you what you want. This is real. It's like the other point we talked about about integration and and the the near death and the the crisis after. It's all that stuff. That's what's beautiful about this series. Let's get past this. Hokey evidential stuff and get to the point where we go okay. This is real now. How do we deal with it. How do we integrate it. These people are trying to integrate it. And i think they're also paving showing us that we need to integrate this information right. I think you're right. And i don't think it's really saying when it shows the evidence we're not saying believe it believe it or trying to prove anything but we are laying out the case about you know. Why is this. A valid case of a child reincarnation so just to show but it's really about that sort of the background like you're saying it's really about where these people at now and how has it affect them and how are they processing it just like you said and what is it like for this fifteen year old to meet his daughter from a previous life. I mean the whole thing is just like whoa you know and it was. It was a very bizarre Because the nobody really knew what to make of it everybody was sort plopped down in this very sort of uncomfortable unusual exploratory situation not knowing what was going to happen and and then there was another then. Also mardi i mean ryan and his mom visited martin's grave for the first time ever and that's another bizarre thing..

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