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Radar and we spoke about it lost be met so you will see in that in the next six to eight months the indian external affairs minister of foreign affairs trying to do a lot more and this has happened since but the last year and a half once china stepped up military pressure on india that the need to balance it out in various ways with their neighbours immediate neighbours and the larger amid list in space and the potential from saudi arabia is huge india's fourth largest trading partner is absolately and it provides so much of india's energy true it does but again one there is this business element to it the other side of it is that in a while india will talk to the us about chinese human rights records here there is no mention of the so the empire and the problems which this all the embarrassed has and what is out in public domain that india remained remains very quiet on this issue wanted prides itself to be a democracy it has no problems working with the despotic regimes kidneys me thank you very much indeed solemness that avail for joining me in the studio with the newspaper review at at bottom luke john eric dill those things john feerick we had no to new york where the time is seventeen fifty in it's a men's fashion week on a fashion edison jamie waters is there for us jamie it's quite a new fixed is someone has said it's been told on to the women's fashion week how how does it feel way you will.

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