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Have a drop off of a hundred and fifty pairs to Virginia hospital center Nick going Ellie WTOP news even the smallest gesture can have the biggest impact M. for sixth grader in Virginia his desire to help other kids has made a big difference Christian Willis is just twelve years old and his mom chante says he's been keeping up with how families have faced difficult times these last few weeks so he decided to step up independently ran everything himself and I was just like really proud of he says he began to raise money he called everyone he knew in all Christian raised more than he could have imagined nine hundred dollars they gave that money to the house of mercy in Manassas to help feed children I think it made him realize that he actually himself is making a difference on his message to everyone it doesn't take much all you have to do is care enough to do it and actually do it Alyssa how old W. two P. news goodwill of greater Washington is making a tough choice just to spend a large part of its nonprofit work during this pandemic effective later tonight at five PM goodwill says it has to shut down its eighteen locations as follows the closure of its retail stores back in March during the pandemic calling it disappointing goodwill chief marketing officer Brendan Hurley tells WTOP they've been inundated with donations but have no where to put them even rented an additional twenty five thousand square foot warehouse to accommodate the volume of donations and even that's for right now until they can reopen their retail stores Hurley says they'll have to close donation locations indefinitely even though their goodwill outlets were shuttered Hurley says they were still getting forty percent of donation levels compared to last year at this time Ken Duffy WTOP news Virginia's gold Cup is a rite of spring for many of us in the area we reported that the event has been rescheduled now from the first Saturday in may to June twentieth because of pandemic restrictions and of course when it does happen it will be different right now the plan is that the Virginia gold Cup will be wrong but with no spectators at great meadow in the plains no sun dresses and fancy hats elaborate food and drink out of the hatch of an SUV or shoulder to shoulder socializing according to the fort your tonsil letter has been sent to the governor saying there would be traceable monitoring for all the competitors and staff the gold club would be live streamed but with no parimutuel betting me logged in staying WTOP news let's get an update now on Wall Street Jeff play ball the Dow is down just sixteen points the S. and P. five hundred index is up just to money news in ten minutes on WTOP sports at fifteen and forty five powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white thank rad here's Dave Preston baseball remains the land.

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