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Say about this. Yeah. And that's really that's that's mostly what I got on smash brothers. I did try to sort of do what Yulia does and come up with like some little we'll rhymes to try to try to remember the things, you know, those are let's can be helpful. So if it's a sprite that says had Dokan that streetfighter, my good friend. If what if blood and gore on the screen, it's moral combat even when green. If it's never into d that's tech in that you see. And if not a bar but percent that's the super smash brothers Gent. So it's very good as good at those. A lot. I think that wraps it up and hopefully, she'll listen to this. And no, which one is which. So. Yeah. What if what do you got today? Well, thank you. First of all, I I think I'd ever played Tekken for sure and I've play those other three a little bit. But I certainly couldn't remember them in my head is, and I think I really will be able to. Yeah. And then in my quiz coming up. I went into there's there's so many out there to talk about. So we're going to. Yeah. We're gonna talk about maybe some more obscure things in the quiz. So look forward to that. All right. So for my topic, I was doing some spring cleaning as you do. And I brought in a prop can you? Tell me what I have here in my hands. You have a clear plastic case of playing cards and cards, and I looked at it. And I thought why is that there? How did that get there? And I looked at the other side. And it says a perfect pair dillon-lee. I remember I got this at a wedding. Okay. Shout out to Dylan Lee share. Fans, and I was actually then curious what about the playing cards himselves? What's the story behind that? Because I don't really know sort of how we got to where we are are playing cards. So we have. So I thought I'd do a quick dive into what's gonna playing cards. Joker smoker. So here's here's what I learned. And that I'm gonna teach to you, my friend. Josh. All right. Playing cards were invented in say it with me, China t nine okay, we workout for you going for a place, there visited China as so many things have been right about the ninth century in some form as best we can tell the early cards that there are documented evidence of head sort of more instructions on them sort of similar to community chest in monopoly unless like numbers and suits and things like that. Cards bearing some similar to what we know of today with a suits and numbers, I came out sort of near the end of the thirteenth century, at least documented still in China. Looking to like. Used similar Louis to poker chips in that. They had some monetary value socio with them. But they also use the play the games. Such as the early trick taking game Madeo. Eight. Which in these early cards? There were suits and the suits. They had were coins strings of coins myriads of coins, and a myriad is ten thousand then tens of myriads of coins. So all sort of monetary values. These coins sort of spread throughout the world from from their traveling through Egypt, the suits that are transformed into coins polo sticks which the sticks may have been sort of the strings of coins. Looked like that may have been a reason that they changed cups and swords, and the cups may have also come from the Chinese character for myriad which looks a little bit like a Cup if you turn upside down so a little bit of a cultural change things going on there. And then swords, which are basically like a more bad ass version of a stick which I get that. Now, those are also as tarot cards to write cups swords. Yes. And so there are some similarities to those things as well. Okay. In in Egypt. They also added kings and viceroy I officer and a second officer sort of suit. Number. I just wanted to play stratego..

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