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The odds are telling me Vegas telling me Huddersfield has fighters chance, I think is where they get their first victory. The odds might be telling you to bet on this, but reality is tell me not to that on Huddersfield. The terriers are in the slum, their seven game slum from the start of the season, and they have a minus thirteen goal differential and Burley is just now getting into form. I hate to say this, but I'm going to say, Burnley does lose this burly does win this game, Huddersfield loses this game, and then goes on thirty game winning streak. But right now I know the streets the streak starts. Now I think you know, this is a dog has been kicked around hungry dogs wanna eat. How did field have something to fight for their coming for Burnley? They knew this the on the counter. They pick out games of the year they go, this is a must win game. I'm saying Huddersfield plus three thirty buck in locked shit and all right. Moving on to Crystal Palace versus the wolves. This is a pretty. There's a lot of even games this weekend. No. And I think we're just gonna like pick the opposite teams like going through the majority of the game. I'm actually interested to see the for this game. Yeah, this is going to be a toughie Crystal Palace plus one eighty five wolves plus one seventy the over under is two goals to over minus one forty, five plus one twenty. Marin, this is tough, but I think I'm going to have to go with the wandering wolves going one on this one. Yeah, I'm taking the wondering wolves of Wolverhampton AK, Saint Luke's see and I don't have a new name for you. Also. I apologize. But yeah, I think it's, I'm surprised that Crystal Palace's so highly rated in this game. I think this is going to be a pretty comfortable victory for the wolverine wonders of Wolverhampton wolves, and I will take over even though it gives me pretty shitty returns because I think the wolves are going to put three goals past Crystal Palace pretty easily, and CPI might get one back, but only through. And you saw or I, those, I only people that I can think of that can actually score gopher CP. No, no. I liked the under here. I think it's a one, no victory for the wolves. Oh shit. Those are so fun like they deserved goals in your the deserves. Some goes in your match. They deserved a lot more goals in the magic against Manchester United..

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