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Because Sandra CarMax will buy it that's correct the car your driving now because Sandra again comments by they're on a roll any car at all no matter what Jerry it is the answer CarMax will buy it that's right because CarMax buys all the cars no matter what no questions asked. Iran's president Sunday warned against the presence of foreign troops in the Gulf region two days after the US said it would send personnel and equipment to Saudi Arabia following attacks on oil refineries at the U. S. blames on Iran but ABC chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz says those troops were sending to Saudi Arabia those will be in a defensive position we are sending air defenses we are not sending troops on any sort of offense at this point so in many ways the administration has really dialed this back to the big question is if Iran keeps firing missiles if Iran keeps firing drones then what did they do. is it in trump said he does not intend to meet with Iranian officials at the U. when this week but he is flexible more than forty children have died this year in hot cars in the U. S. according to a safety group in the latest fatality occurred Saturday in Texas police in San Antonio say a three year old boy died in a hot car in the family's drive way the parents told police they were distracted after driving home from a tee ball game with the toddler and another son a six year old San Antonio police lieutenant Jesse Salameh's as each parent thought the other had taken the three year old out of the car by the time they.

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