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I. N. C. dot com the trump administration today officially notifying the United Nations the US is withdrawing from the Paris climate accord president trump announced his intention shortly after taking office today's notification is the first formal step to exit the global agreement designed to fight climate change a manhunt continues for to Monterey California caloriecount in California inmates who escaped Sunday to individuals worked identify a blind spot that we have and in this particular housing units and be able to which is what they were of those four to be able to use the escape shares captain John thorn's Berg says the two men were awaiting trial in separate cases of murder and other felony charges the FBI says it's arrested a man in a plot to bomb an historic Colorado synagogue richer holes or was arrested after undercover agents brought him what he thought were explosives to blow up temple Emmanuel in pueblo I congresswoman apologizing for blocking critics on Twitter New York representative Alexandria Cancio Cortez reaching a settlement in a lawsuit filed against her by former Brooklyn assemblyman Dov Hikind I can accusing the democratic congresswoman of violating his first amendment rights by blocking him on Twitter Akon zero Cortez apologizing in a statement saying he was exercising his right to free speech adding in retrospect it was wrong this a day before the lawmaker was scheduled to testify in federal court over the move Akon zero Cortez says she will not stop blocking accounts if she believes the users are harassing her or using the platform for other improper purposes krystin Goodwin fox news is overdue books have been returned in the three weeks in Chicago eliminated overdue fines at public libraries the city's library commissioner reporting the number of return books has increased by two hundred forty percent since Chicago dump the overdue library fees I rich Denison and this fox news W. CBM Baltimore well quite start the work week.

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