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Backyard of a home come was tammy matassa is live at that scene it's on one fifty third avenue she just got an update from police what are they saying tammy mary right now the big question is how did this woman died but investigators told us it is still too early to say but you can see this is a very quiet neighborhood and there's still a lot of police cars lined up around this house here on one hundred fifty third avenue now police say just after seven thirty pm got a nine one one call about what a woman unconscious in a backyard in the six hundred block of a hundred and fifty third avenue northeast investigators say when they got here the victim in the backyard up against a building police say first responders took over cpr from a woman trying to help the victim but the victim was declared dead investigators are still trying to identify the victim and the woman was giving her cpr they don't know if the victim or the woman helping her live here we have a lot of patrol officers and detectives behind me so at this point we have an unintended unknown caused death and in the next few hours you'll see the king county medical examiner's office come out to do their own investigation as well there's no cause for concern for the neighbors and if there were to be caused we were certainly let you all know and back out here live police say they will continue to reconstruct the cause of death scene and they hope to have an update first thing tomorrow morgan mary thank you guys all right scare for air travelers tonight it's delta plane had to make an emergency landing in atlanta you can see cruz hosing down in.

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