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NewsRadio. Good morning, everybody. Sunny today, sixty two overnight lows coming up a little bit mid forties speeches, low sixties valley's coming in right around low maybe mid sixty looks all like that all the way through Monday and Tuesday have a good weekend with southern California's most accurate and dependable forecast. I'm CBS twos. Garth camp KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio forty one in Anaheim forty-two in east LA. It's four seventeen facing calls to resign amid allegations of sexual harassment. West Hollywood's mayor fights back sitting down with KNX in-depth for an exclusive interview three we oh city council. Members say they want John Duran out. They say he has made crude remarks and even groped members of the gay men's chorus three years back the city's insurance company shelled out half a million to settle a sexual harassment suit by a former city employee hired by Duran. I did not come into the city government as somebody pretending not to be who I am. I'm a creature of the sunset strip. I was on the strip in the nineteen seventies. This is stuff. It's happening in my private life outside of city hall. Robert Oliver doesn't buy it. He resigned, his West Hollywood commission post in protest. I do think that when you have not one not two not three four allegations that are recorded on. And you have to take that pattern of. Disturbing behavior. Seriously, it is it is serious. Duran says he will not resign as mayor though, his rotating position ends in may Charles Feldman. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. And you can hear an extended interview with West Hollywood bear John Duran by downloading the KNX in-depth podcast. Detectives in Newport Beach, say they've tracked down a serial Bank robber, who's been very busy. This man is believed to be responsible for at least three Bank robberies. The most recent was at the CitiBank in Newport Beach near fashion island, the Twenty-three-year-old San Marcos resident is accused of walking in with a bag in handing a teller note claiming he had a bomb. He then demanded cash and ran off he got away that day, but investigators were eventually able to find him and take him into custody after serving a search warrant they say he's now been linked to an attempted robbery to Wells Fargo Eskin Dido as well as a heist at a chase Bank in oceanside Cooper Rummell. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio county coroner's office has released its findings in the death of. KTLA anchor. Chris Berle's the coroner's has Hasbro's was involved in a sexual encounter in Glendale, motel room, December twenty seventh when he passed out the other man called nine one one and tried to perform CPR, but Burroughs was pronounced dead at the hospital. A short time later the coroner's report concludes Burroughs died of methamphetamine toxicity. The report says it was accidental high blood pressure and arterial plaque were contributing factors. Math increases blood pressure, and can disrupt heart rhythms, putting users at risk of sudden death boroughs has forty-three. He survived by his wife and a nine year old daughter. Jim Rondeau, KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio mayor Eric Garcetti endorse. LA city council, president herb Wesson in his bid to get a seat on the county board of supervisors according to the mayor as president of city council. Herb Wesson has been an outstanding partner and a champion.

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