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With Patty that whole mess last night. That was a switch back and forth doing the Yankee game and the debate. But boy that was hard to take Yankee game much more civilized. Yeah, I thought it was fun. Good to see you because they had this beeber guy Shane Baber, arguably one of the best pitchers in baseball right now on the top 10 for sure. And they just made just manhandled him. Seven runs in 4.5 innings It is amazing home Run, double single. Bam! They run around the bases. It was great. And then you go over to that mess that s show. That they call the debate. How about the poor moderator? How does he feel today? I mean, if he tried, Danny, don't you think he dried? Oh, I know. He tried and you could hear in his voice that he was shaken by how difficult it was to get them in line. I mean, I don't know what he could have done. Everybody says Well, he should have. You should have gotten a hold of it. What do you dio? Do you stand up and scream anthem, Then you just join the cacophony. He was doing the best. I think he did the best he could do. Maybe he could have been a little more firm, but I don't know. But you know what I mean. These guys are There, but that's part of their story and his people go to vote. They're going to remember that somebody is going to piss somebody off more than the other person or feel like one person didn't give enough of who they are and what they think in orderto. You know, you can't flip the lever this year, but paperwork as I'm I'm pretty sure what happened, Wass. Biden's people said. Don't let him push you around. Don't let him be a bully stand up to him, and and basically, that's not his personality, and that's not You know? Yeah, And it turned out that that's what he was focusing on, and neither one of them got many. Policies or statements out. I mean, it was just It's like they got a few things out. But you were so overwhelmed by the yelling and the and the upset that that was secondary. You couldn't focus on what they were saying, because of the manner in which they were both approaching it and That's us. That's a shame. I tell you, the Yankees playoff game was much more civilized. Thank you. I want that. I will say that it's ah 6 53 at CBS FM. We got some rain in the city today and all over the area. So let's check in with Sue Wyler and check.

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