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They have what he gets. A helmet will depend a lot on Vance McDonald and his his health whether he's able to play it's a numbers game in Davis. Scofield is ridiculously good at predicting the inactive list so he's a guy to ask and if he's in the live chat he he does his prediction article every Saturday before a Sunday game of savvy curious to see if he thinks he'll get a hat at this week but I don't feel so. How are you feeling about the steelers weapons in the passing game. I mean as I said it out loud you know. I I was cringing. What when I said those wide receivers and I didn't even at Switzer I mean Switzer they have three. They have three wider like I is. Do you feel like this wide. Receiver core is good enough to consistently beat eight-man coverage not right now I think I think they're getting there. I think the deontay Johnson is really improving a lot. What if you watch the game again. I really felt that he was. He's doing little things that he's starting to figure out as as a rookie it takes time. He's he's coming back to the football. You know he's learning when to cut off his route. His report with Mason Rudolph is is really developing. What's really ticking me off off. Though is how there's no report seemingly between James Washington in Mason Rudolph two guys that played four years of college football together. Everyone just assumed that they would go out and it would be like just pick up where they left off if you're GONNA win on Sunday I'm going to save right now. James Washington is going to have to makes a place period. Why are they targeting and he got one target a game. Now I know some of the game plan was was more toward you know a bald. He was talking about the short passing game in fact a running backs retargeted seventeen times in that game. I think the wide receivers were targeted less than ten times so it was clearly the the type game plan that focused on the short passing game and really attacking in the short to intermediate levels. Why is he not getting targets but he's getting a ton of snaps well he. He is believe it or not and this is something that puts out there. I'll throw it up on the screen there. He is considered one of their better blocking receiver so that's one of the reasons he's getting a lot of snaps is that he is out there helping to block on those obvious or those running downs but in terms of targets. I don't know why he's not getting targets and I don't know if it's EAS- knots getting separation I don't. I'm not sure I wish I did now you would that sounds like you know like he's out there to block. You know when a when a lady goes out with a guy just because he's a nice guy but he's not really all that attractive. That sounds like he's a good blocker like like the guy that had only the dead. That's it's that simple. Fact has only every everything to do with why he's playing. A lot has nothing to do targets because if he's run blocking they're not gonNA throw the ball anyways obviously but question is why are they not targeting him. That's what I wanted to do. I mean I don't I don't. I don't know I mean any he time other than highs ward. Let me throw that caveat out there other than hines ward whatever you're talking about a wide receiver and one of his best S. attributes is blocking. That's not a good thing I I understand that. I just want to see him. You get a chance because every time we've seen him on the field in the preseason. It's been two straight years now when he's given a chance in terms of combat catches and things of that nature he seems to make the play and so I wanna see I guess I keep on waiting for them to have a game were off his actually unleash a little bit and he can take shots and he can actually throw those debates and the some of the throws they would dial up within a quarterback not saying they're the same quarterback and I'm not saying that he's as good has been or anything of that nature. What I'm saying is that I hope those are the plays that typically go to Washington Washington's not a wide wide receiver screen guy. He's not that's just not hit. deontay Johnson's Guy's GonNa make someone miss get an extra three to four yards juju Smith Schuster the guy that's going to catch that pass stiff arm. Somebody breaks tackle and get maybe three four five six seven four yards. James Wash doesn't fall into that Cara category for in my opinion some. I'm hoping that this game plan opened things up a little bit more that might open up James Washington more in he's the guy that's probably going to have to beat that man coverage period. We know what the Ravens used to do to Mr third and fifth they would put three defenders on Juju. Smith Schuster is going to be blanketed. I'm sure deontay. Johnson's going to get some attention because he's got two touchdowns in the last two games. James Washington is going to be the x factor for me offense he better be because there's not many options back there and and they're they're they're definitely not guys that make you feel making glue sleepover you know. They're going to have to really scheme this up now. Let me ask you this. If advanced McDonald's healthy you like a running to tights with Nick Bennett and Vance McDonald Donald. I think those two could be really really good formation for the steelers down there. I mean I do you can pass protect. the issue in this game also on offense aside football. I think the DC for Baltimore's as Wink Martindale correctness is your love at name. I Love Them. They're like a TV host. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah so the nasty other thing that's going to make his game very difficulty is the familiarity of the Ravens have with the steelers and the Ravens give you a lot of different looks and it's going to be a cerebral game for Mason Rudolph as well but on the flip side the steelers are very familiar with wink what they do you know on defense and I still think the ravens like you said or trying to to really try to find themselves defense particularly with Earl Thomas being that guy back. They're not eric. Wetter Eric Wedge does a fantastic player. You know although although it didn't show on Sunday against Tampa Bay when I gave up I think fifty eight points whatever it was a against Tampa Bay but this is a tough spot for the for the young quarterback division opponent. Ravens a physical team runs to football I. It's going to be very interesting. You ask you Jeff. How would would you defend the steelers. I mean when I'm thinking about the steelers. I'm thinking I would play cover two I play cover two I play a lot of to men I. I don't think the wide receivers can get open and I'm GonNa play two safeties deep just in case and I think I can handle your running game was set. I'M NOT GONNA commit another guy in a box. I don't I think you can run it. So most of my coverage looks are GonNa have to high safeties. I'm GonNa just play a too high safety. Shell against you I don't think think you can run it any. I don't think you can beat me deep and get off man. That's what I do. I play a lot of two man against the steelers avenue just a single high safety and drop out extra player down the box because if what I've seen so far with Mason Rudolph that they're not gonNA throw the ball. Downfield anyways and so there you're GONNA try to run it or they're gonNA run. Short screens screens intermediate routes in which case I'm GONNA won an extra defender there to help and prevented from turning turning three or gain into a seven or eight yard gain so you kind of have Robert. You'd have a lurk so you had a safety lurking. You'd have one high safety and the safety is kind of planning to lurk lurk safety either side. A either safety is to lurk in case in which case on the flip side the offense coordinator. This is where you have to draw up this. You know you're going eleven personnel now a three wide receivers you have got to get used to win your one on one match ups because that safety that one high safety is going to pick a side so. Rudolph's GonNa have have to look off. He's going to have to deliver a good pass down the field. That's something rothlisberger is always good at this prime. I'm not so sure about this current quarterback in this current receiving crop but at the same time that's what did this way. You'd have to do speaking of Rothlisberger. What was that quote. The Tomlin said everybody said I did ask is Dale Elliott Decay. His sports who asked was having Been Rama's Burger on the sideline helpful and I think Tomlin's response was in terms of playmaking taking he did nothing a and been already looked like these gangs some weight too yeah. I told my wife watched that he's on that all carb diet now man. He's scarfing down scar gravy fries baby gravy for is from Raymond. He's a big fan of me and my love affair with Ben Roth's Baristas the reason why can't Jeff Love Big Ben like Lanza shaking my head at the dollar tip jar thanks Raymond. He knows it. I am Ben Rothlisberger Fan and he knows Atlanta's is not. That's why he said that so What's what's rains image? That was that image. I was trying to make it look like he was pumping gas but then take concert okay. I didn't know what it looked like a firearm looking pumping gas. I don't know what that what is that Ray I don't know what that is the fully ever tell us where where she went to eat at yes. She said she you got pizza somewhere but that was a long time ago. I can't call probably went to video. She probably went to Minneapolis. I don't know I don't know if that place is still open. Hope mini meals are still open every five dollars Kathy in in the Super Chad she says what do you think of Tomlin's comments. were getting on the sideline. which is what we're just referred to What do you think of Ben being on the sidelines Lance Tom. It was basically saying don't ask me about people that don't play that was kind of his nice is a gruff way of saying that at. Hey Ben is still in check so you might as well pay you for your brain helped. The quarterback helped a young guy out mentally still come to work being a meeting rooms and help this kid..

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