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Five thirty good morning. I'm Patrick Osborne. Topping Austin's news. The Senate has unveiled a compromising Bill to reopen. The government as the partial government shutdown continues into week five Republican congressman Mike Johnson of Louisiana says he's trying to reach across the aisle to find a compromise for border wall funding, I'm among a number of legislators who have filed members of congress who have filed legislation and last month. I filed introduced three bills to address some of the loopholes and the immigration off, and we're working individually with Democrats trying to reach some consensus. So that we can continue to move the ball forward on this really important issue and President Trump announced over the weekend. He's prepared to back a three year extension of protections for seven hundred thousand immigrants who came to the country illegally as children and were shielded from deportation under the Obama era DACA program that in exchange for the five point seven billion dollars. He wants for the barrier on the southern border federal workers are just days away from missing yet. Another paycheck Friday is federal payday. So unless there's a sudden deal to end the shutdown. It'll be another. Missed payday for more than eight hundred thousand federal employees, many of whom remain on the job one of the more visible impacts is at the nation's airports on Sunday. The TSA said ten percent of security screeners missed work compared to about three percent of the comparable Sunday a year ago. Many say financial hardships keeping them from showing up. The TSA says average wait times are still within the normal thirty minute Mark saga megani? Washington as the twenty twenty presidential primary take shape almost no policy appears to be too extreme for Democrats fighting to win over their party's base. It's demanding the basis demanding a nominee dedicated to pursuing bold action, so far virtually all the likely candidates have embraced universal healthcare. Some of rally behind free college job guarantee programs in minimum fifteen dollars an hour. Federal Wade Republicans are betting that voters will ultimately reject the proposals. As too extreme former Senate candidate Vinicio Rourke may still be on the fence about a twenty. Twenty run but the calls from his supporters to challenge. President Trump growing louder. Mike Saana for the group draft Beto says they've released a campaign ad for a work because so many people want to see more of the former El Paso, congressman, speak betas ability to get people excited and get people involved in the political process, which was critical to what he did. So well in Texas. There. Add racked up more than a half million views and just the first twenty four hours closer to home. Now, Austin's affordability crisis only getting worse. According to a new report from the national home builders association. The so-called priced out index shows for every one thousand dollars Austin's median home price grows almost eleven hundred families are priced out of the market while there are some national factors like rising interest rates that affect this the HBO greater Austin's David Glenn says city of Austin policies are part of the problem. Great difficult to navigate that regulatory environment. I it's the death of by thousand cuts Glenn says, those priced out families are driving north and south for homes, noting both Williamson and Hayes county growth. Rates are now outpacing travis's. John Cooley NewsRadio KLBJ following Sunday's fire in an underground homeless camp. City officials say there's no easy solution. Here. The tunnel off riverside, willow creek is an area frequented by quite a few homeless people. But city officials say it's a storm water tunnel and having them in their poses a flood risk. Austin fire department, though, says can't close off the tunnel to is a flood risk and Howard were the ending. Community homelessness coalition tells CBS Austin, she sees only one solution truth is they're looking for shelter. And I promise you that. If we offered more safe and decent housing. They take us up on any time. Austin's watershed department will pay a contractor million dollars to be begin cleaning out homeless camps in those culverts to minimize the risk of fire or flood at violent crime still a problem for Austin police data shows twenty eighteen was particularly rough here when it comes to murder thirty eight last year and aside from two thousand sixteen when there were forty last year was the worst year for murders and Austin's twenty ten two of those were part of the bombings that rocked the city back in March. However, the overall rate of violent crime did take a downward tick, according to the statesman have been trending upward in two thousand sixteen in two thousand seventeen it's cloudy. Fifty eight degrees right now in cedar park on Patrick born. You can get Austin news on demand at NewsRadio. KLBJ?.

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