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The addiction moratorium in LA county has been extended another thirty days renters will not be safe from eviction through the end of June although supervisor Sheila Kuehl was looking for a longer commitment having to come back every month we create amazing anxiety in an already anxious group of people but supervisor Janice Hahn says extending the moratorium a month at a time will allow the county to be more responsive are we opening our recovery it's really in flux the board also voted to exempt multinational publicly traded businesses from rental protections on says the protections are not meant to pad the bottom line of huge corporations Chris and Carla okay fine news this report brought to you by Mike diamond the smell good plumber LA county supervisors have approved an ordinance to give janitors maintenance workers security guards and hospitality industry workers dibs on being re hired if they were laid off during the covert nineteen crisis it's called the right of recall if you are workers are required employees with seniority will be given preference the top U. S. infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci says covert nineteen vaccine test results might be ready by the late fall but that does not mean a vaccine will be available the idea of having treatments available or a vaccine to facilitate the reentry of students into the fall term would be something that would be a bit of a bridge too far now she testified before the Senate via video call from his home he says schools that want to re open in the fall will have to rely on widespread testing rather than counting on a treatment or vaccine thought she also testified a second Copa ninety way this possible later this year but he says the government could be better prepared for it for map of all current cases in southern California you can check out our website K. by A. M. six forty dot com keyword cove it and a centuries old sport could be getting the E. could grow up because of the pandemic bullfighting had already been struggling to survive in recent decades with Spain being one of the few holdouts the covert nineteen pandemic has shuttered bowl things and canceled festivals Spain has begun lifting some restrictions but both fighting is not on the list and the season.

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