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Citizen led innovation and the workforce of the future. We are back on. Get up in the pressure is on jalen rose. Who gets up here. Jalen with lebron in some trouble prior to this series. There's only been one team ever to win. Three games against him in round one. Who was that team so him. Well punishing me. Greenie being a founding member of this. Show me put a three hour days. The bron- has been there plan in the league twenty years thirty nba teams seriously. But i'll take a stab at how chicago bulls with derrick rose jimmy butler and time. It's not a bad stabs but it's not right. How about the team. You played for it. It was the pacers in 2018. Remember that first. Round series indiana plato. Awful tommy mislead you right now. He remembers jalen. standby run. everybody through who just got up with us this morning from last night. The nets have moved on. They're headed to a second round showdown with the bucks. James harden had a triple double thirty four point brooklyn eliminating the celtics in five kyrie had twenty five at twenty four game. One against milwaukee will be saturday elsewhere. Last night the performance of the night the performance of the year from damian lillard get a playoff record twelve threes. Two of them were. That sent the game i into overtime in double overtime. He scored fifty five but they lost the nuggets. Wanted in double. Ot one forty seven hundred forty. So denver has a three two lead in that series and then back to lebron and the lakers on the brink playing without ad the sun's dominated a thirty point lead at halftime. They win by thirty. Devon booker scored thirty chris. Paul reinjured the white shoulder. He says he'll be okay. Meanwhile here's what lebron says about game six win.

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