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Bye, Billy. Coming into Great America. Welcome this Friday afternoon in the tri state. We made it through the weekend, one peso and were alive when the weather seems to have similar going on a little bit better over the weekend, but not much. Yesterday. Melanie Bates has been on the scoreboard in Cincinnati about 20 years came on to talk about her perspective of what should happen, which is which is great to have her on. Mike Marassi also comes on with slowly now and then. And I'm reading in the U. S. A Today addition this morning online that Chicago public school teachers dominated by the union refused to report to work on Monday, having been ordered to do so by the Chicago Board of Education and also indirectly by the mayor Lori Lightfoot. Here in Cincinnati, largely since the end of August. There should have been no learning hybrid learning, and that's about it. And Cincinnati and last night I'm watching this story on Channel Channel nine were nine stands for news. 11 in 11 in school board. I watched the superintendent speak. They've been fighting this thing since the third week in August, and generally they're 95% in person learning. If something occurs, they reacted with the teachers are on board. Many of the schools there are using the gymnasium as a makeshift cafeteria. The screens air up, everyone is masked. Their stations where you wash your hands in between classes. You wash your hands. They're on it and their education is proceeding and all the Catholics goes the programs, schools and northern Kentucky Greater Cincinnati. Largely, they've been in person since the end of August. In fact, many didn't go out last March. Simply got after it. Whatever the obstacles were, they overcame them. That is not the case and urban public education, whether it's Columbus or Cleveland or Toledo or Dayton or whether it's Philadelphia or Chicago. The teachers unions dominate. They get to school board members elected by donating shoe leather and money, volunteerism to get him elected. And once they get elected there in the pockets of the union. And it's upsetting when I see Ah, lot of people fighting toe work, whether you're on an oil rig or you're you're a garbage man. You work behind the counter somewhere or you're in the restaurant, business fighting toe work. Men and women are selling pharmaceuticals. People are act actively trying to actually get out of the butcher's the bakers that Candlestick makers all want to work. There's a part of our society that does not want to work and they use is a shield as a mass, the safety of the Children. As a reason not to go to work among those of the teachers joining you and I now is cold Frederick, who is a volunteer plus and a mentor and CPS and Nicole Frederick, Welcome again to the Bill Cunningham Show and Nicole, How are you? I'm doing great. How are you, Bill? I'm doing well, a little bit angry about what's happening in Cincinnati because CPS students are always falling behind by any objective measurement, And this is an excuse in the future. To hear more arguments as to why Achievement cannot occur. So for those who are not paying much attention to the 35,000 students and CPS, can you kind of walk us through since the middle of March of the first of April of last year? And all the way through today Friday afternoon to talk about what is the status of education at CPS. Well, just like you touched on. You know any time you have a large school district, urban they inherently have obstacles anyway, so the education gap is already kind of Established anyway. So when we started this passed down in March, and we reacted with the information that we had in March. Everyone was super super cautious because that's all we knew as it evolved. And as we learned more and things that we found out about how this spread and our Children vulnerable are the older people want more stuff change. We found out that Children in schools is not the spread of this virus. In fact, many organizations from your CDC to the American Academy of Pediatrics even doctor fast approaching this past week, has said that schools are steaks. Why are they safe? Because the protocols are in place, and it's up to that individual teacher to make sure that her classroom or his classroom is safe. It's not that difficult. You wear your math. You can stay 3 ft. Apart from one another, you wipe down your surfaces. You stay home. If you're not feeling well, it is a safe environment cause the teachers can make it safe. And for whatever reason, Well, which we all know why Um, since a public has has put the labels of a fear based of it's a death trap to send these Children's active school. No, it's not Look around you CPS. Rules all around. You have effectively mitigated this virus. Um, since August, and they've been in school five days or they will be in school for with one day blended learning or online learning. Toe white down the school and different things like that, which is fine. But to keep the students out, their education is suffering. Humongous. I mean, it's it's awful. And at this point, especially if you have a special needs child or someone that really lives in a horrible circumstance that the last year is a time that's non recoverable, and I talk about Many of the studies indicate that by the time a child is five years old The first five years of a child's life are critical to the learning process to turn the light switches on in each room is you go through your life because their foundation is there, and those first five years are critical. They have all the rooms of your life filled maybe the light switches and on but there's wiring in the wall. You kind of know how to read. You kind of know how to catch. You know how to behave, You know, acceptable behavior. And and I, as I understand it. The worst gold district in the tri state by any objective measurement academically is Cincinnati public schools and among the most expensive or Cincinnati public schools. And so the teachers are saying at this point for a long time, we're not going to report to work. And then on Monday, coming up on Monday, is there unlike Chicago, is there. Is there a feeling the teachers rock actually show up for work on Monday? This is my opinion from from the teachers that I be, too. And the tools that I work with people already. People are ready to come back now. You're always gonna have your teachers that loved to phone it in. They like being able to wake up. Put on a little Maschera. Throw on the zoom call from their PJs at desk and then send the document up. Say, hey, students, So look at this document, and I'll check in with you tomorrow and then they go back and they're doing Whatever it is that they're your off their offer getting paid not to work. There are off. But then you've got other teachers who are really trying to make this work because they genuinely care about their students, and they recognize that we're doing our society a great Injustice if we don't educate our students because an educated society is a successful society, and like you said, we are missing out on a whole year that we can't get back. I mean these students whether they're little, especially up into the high school, they need structure and like these high school kids You're telling me That 15 and 16 year old with no structure at home. You know we were treating him like college kids They're not logging on. They're probably,.

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