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Thank you so much for joining me. Helena proposal I guess the first question is probably the question. We're all asking everybody And ourselves and our friends and our family is is. How are you coping these days? What are you doing? Well lots of podcasts recordings over skype in the phone. I'm hoping yeah exactly exactly. Yeah I mean it's it's I mean my Gosh I can't even. I can't even imagine what it's like for the majority of the people out there. I feel like I feel like I'm one of the lucky ones. And you know no matter who you are where you are what situation you're in. I think it's it's the unknown as always very scary and And so he kinda just gotTa take it day by day and You know there are people who've experienced you know Greater things than this before overcome it so we not only can do is take it day by day for me personally interesting. I actually a I feel like I've been quarantined or self isolating for the last six weeks already. Okay yes I had. I had surgery on my wrist in early great. So it's not that I was completely self isolated since then but definitely my activities have been limited and so I feel like I'm a pro at this. I feel like I got this under wraps. I know how to be at home for long periods of time. As why did you? Why did you have surgery on your wrist? I broke my wrist when I was thirteen years old. I was rollerblading racing with my stepbrother and I fell and broke my wrist and apparently and I didn't know this I for many many years but apparently one of the bones in my wrist didn't heal properly and so I hope nobody's squeamish when he's one of the bones and heal properly and so is kinda sticking up a little bit like you would never know it. I mean I could feel it under my skin. But alum so the tendons in my hand. Every time I would open and close my hand. Tendons would rub against that bone. My doctor kind of gave me this awful visual he said you imagine a rock and you take a rope and you can push that wrote back and forth along that rock and tendons of doing. Yeah exactly that's what I said too. And so we decided to do as surgery to get rid of that little bone and hopefully Put myself in a position where I wouldn't have those tenderness eventually rupture on me. I and when he opened me up it turned out that one of them already had much bigger surgery in longer recovery. Time so I was in a cast for two weeks and now has been in a splint.

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