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ID into a machine. It then takes your photo and make sure your face matches the one that's on the ID. It'll tell us real time whether or not that passenger is who they say they are. Christopher merger with the transportation security administration. It will also tell us if they're scheduled for a flight. And if they're valid to fly on that flight, he says of the photos, we do not save any of those images, but if you don't want to do it, you can still physically hand your ID and boarding pass to an agent, BWI is the first airport in the country to have this technology at every security checkpoint. At BWI Marshall, Nico and Ellie WTO P news. Well, with swimsuit season around the corner, some people are starting their diets. But the American Heart Association warns people to steer clear of some popular ones. Keto and paleo diets are popular, especially on social media, but the Heart Association says they're two of the worst because they tend to restrict a lot of heart healthy foods. The diet that earns top ranking for cardiovascular health is the dash diet. Dash stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension. The dash diet prioritizes vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and low fat dairy. It also encourages limiting salty foods, fatty meats, and foods rich in sugar. Particularly on WTO P news. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by maximus, moving people and technology forward. And here's Ryan Alban. It was expected coming into the year there would be plenty of rough days for the young rebuilding nationals, but yesterday's double header certainly magnified the growing pains as the Nats lost the opener 6 to three and then were blasted away 16 to one in the nightcap. It got rough enough that outfielder lane Thomas was brought on in the 9th inning for his first ever pitching performance he would surrender a three run Homer in an inning pitched. Today Thomas is back in his preferred right field batting 7th as the Nats look to avoid the sweep at one 35, of course that is whether permitting. The Orioles on the other hand have a chance to win their series with the tigers in Detroit at one 40, Kyle Brady will get the start Baltimore comes into the day at 1809, four and a half games back of the red hot 23 and 5 rays in the AL east. D.C. United picked up its fourth win with a three zero shutout as Charlotte putting united up to 7th in the Eastern Conference, Ashley hatch scored the Washington spirits one goal in a one one draw with Chicago. In after not hearing their names called by the end of yesterday's NFL Draft, three Marilyn wide receivers will be headed to rookie mini camps is Dante Dante demis, Jacob Copeland, rakim Jarrett, signed his undrafted free agents demus will stay nearby as he was picked up by Baltimore. I'm Brian Albin WTO sports. Thank you, Brian. Coming up on WTO P in Texas, a shooter is still at large after killing 5 neighbors, including a child after they'd asked him to stop firing a gun in his yard because of baby was trying to sleep. And more severe weather, hitting Florida, we should dry out tonight, but there, cleaning up after a tornado touched down in Palm Beach Gardens just yesterday. It's 1156. Hey, Mark, remember, getting help from progressive is so easy. You can use the mobile app, chat with us online or call us. And you pick now to tell me. I couldn't miss a little grace's ballet recital. Oh, thanks for inviting me, by the way. Did I? Because you know I'm always here for you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can use the mobile app if I need help. Sorry, you're in my wife's

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