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He's talking about death to drug dealers and treason death. I mean that this is a legitimate, and I'm hoping and increasingly important issue because the ever since Gavin Newsom has done what he's done with. More Torian all of the all of the current presidential candidates have signed on to suggest that they might too, so could that possibly bubble up as a real issue in the election year? In. I, I think the performances in this movie across the board will get into the specifics of casting are astonishing from from the one line players to the, the favors. Yeah, we should applaud that because there. The act. Listen, I that's the best part. And I bleed Lewis who plays the snitch I think it was his first movie and McKinley Belcher who plays punch. He had done one small thing before he's done something now bigger. I think the Chris coy playing the guard. I loved his internship, Justin tastic. He's on. He's on the deuce right now. But unrecognizable. I suspect to those who might know his work an Emily Meade plane Stacey, always good. One of our most underrated actresses on the deuce, and that could have easily become so sort of two dimensional. But yeah, that was that's one of the great joys of this kind of movie, but, but also a through line through your catalog of work as a writer, director producer in television movies has always been the performance. Breaking gigantic stars from Brad Pitt to Denzel to Matt, Damon and courage under fire and Jack O'Connell gives a really brave beautiful performance in this and yeah. Yeah. And I want to speak about how how when you're filming that final scene. How many takes are you doing how much story boarded, what do you know you're going to need to do? And how do you keep him in that mines? It's funny because I do a lot of preparation before a scene, not necessarily storyboarding. But in notes, it's shot ideas, and I as we got closer and closer to this fund myself. Resisting it was. It was it scheduled for the end of the movie very close to it. And none of us wanted to go there wanted to do it. We were shooting in a real prison and abandoned prison, but prison on the less, we had done all of the incarceration stuff. I think everyone was very sensitive to Jack going into that seen him doing it. But for all of us, it was a, a very difficult thing. We had done our homework, we knew it was supposed to be, but the thing about his performance, including that last moment, which, ironically, David had not reported in his article David Graham that wonderful journalist for, you know, who wrote the article in the New Yorker. But we had in fact, the transcript when he yells at stay. ACO grand. And I felt at that was somehow indicative of Jack's performance his willingness to do that as well. Not to be self protective so many actors that's who the guy is he's filled with this rage anger for the person who didn't do everything again. And he's also somebody who's dealing with the forgiveness of sins of the past, and I was going to ask you that because in the David grant article it just says the God stuff. Yeah. And to me, that is him in a nutshell and seeing him the image of seeing him strung up like that. Well, our barrack, and that's how they do it. They stand you lay down, but, but. You know thing about Jack is that we really. Somebody, you'll be interested in I think, having to do with shooting digital rather than film, because I've only done one of the movie and digital. But in this particular case, I was able to go into that cell with Jack for twenty minutes forty minutes even an hour and let it run..

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