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Does he have left in terms of being able to take it over or is he kinda like that designated hitter. We're hoping a. Let's adam splash plays during the regular season. But we we get into the postseason tournament can dominate take. We saw indomitable sue took over and really made an impact for the play. Give me this just moments. I don't need you to dominate the game. But just a handful of moments where agnew revved up whatever. I do wonder how much of that he has left. I'm looking. I'm actually great great project. I'm kind of looking through. The top sat guys from last year. So here's here's here's one Jason pierre paul thirty two years old coming off a year where he had nine and a half sacks so that same front within donna ensue. Jason pierre paul not what he was by any stretch but in that three four game stretched who played better than him in the postseason. They couldn't block them. You know i mean that's the. I put a pin in this conversation. But i want you to do this. I was looking at greg. So yeah yeah. The debt. And i wrote my notes. Jason pierre paul and i would love to have that conversation because then i went back and i found some old jason pierre paul college footage from south florida and understand because there are people in the twitter verse are crushing russo as russia crushing him crushing him. And i'm like hold on just because he wins inside doesn't mean he doesn't win outside if you're gonna let him let them beat up on guards. Go duke stinks. I know but if you watch his evolution throughout the year we get to the but if you watch russo. Let's get because conversation. It's so fascinating. Because i'm having rusher i don't know where you are. He's my he's number one. I got two miami guys. One into have jalen phillips. When i look at russo and i just think about the lymph the way he uses his hands thinking about that stuff and then when i go back and i look at jason pierre paul and i think the comparison is really solid. Because i looked at jason pierre paul. The one season that he had to south florida because he played at juku out here in california. I went and watched him play live. If i remember yes he had he had once business Half sex is taken whatever. The jazz took him in the first round. I'm looking at the numbers are comparable in terms of their dimensions. The athleticism i'm looking at. I'm like you know. Like and then i'm looking at how jason pierre paul immerse so we had four and a half sacks that first year with the giants next year sixteen and a half sacks because it came on and so the biggest knock that we can have. Rousseau is oh. He hasn't played enough. He didn't play this final year. Is he a one year wonder he was a wide receiver tied in high school. He doesn't really know to me up saying oh. That's a really good thing. Depending on what i have in in the on the coaching staff. If i have a teacher developer if he's already able to do this without really being taught how the play the position..

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