Texas, Pasadena, Iran discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Traffic center our weather channel forecast now it looks pretty good after pretty interesting overnight period all the earlier warnings and watches have expired including the four AM tornado watch that was in effect for southeast Texas that a spire about a minute ago so we don't have to be concerned about that and mostly things have settled down quite a down particular here in the Galleria area but it was an interesting night one of the areas most severely affected by the storm tonight was college station were numerous trees and fences were knocked down throughout that community a tree did fall in a home in spring no injuries reported we do have a high water location as reported by Blaine Brooks house in Houston tollway at Pasadena one of the biggest effects of the storm was the loss of electricity for a lot of people centerpoint energy reported at one point that forty two thousand customers were without electricity due to the storm that has since been reduced to around thirty thousand customers and they should have all power completely restored no later than about eight AM Iran says we did it Iran is taking the blame for a Ukrainian plane crash this past week The New York Times reports a statement from that country's military says the passenger jet was accidentally shot down because of human error on the part of the Iranians the crash on Wednesday killed all one hundred and seventy six people aboard that aircraft governor Greg Abbott will honor the North Texas church a security guard who fatally shot a gunman the governor's office says Jack Wilson will receive the governor's metal of courage on Monday the medal is the highest.

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