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Could prevent him from going to work no right bright involved enjoy what you're doing that's what it's all about right whale odd kind of answer my question so i appreciate it thank you arthur uh by greet to hear from the show me state of missouri one eight hundred nine three four twenty to twenty one that is our contact number let's get scott on the line scott is checking in from valencia california almost gun good afternoon bob thank you for taking my call call and regional call you squishy thank you the rarest won't jewels an honest man i just shocks of circling me and i'm not sure what to do i for a short the sharks are circling you give me a little color on that that's interesting i have attended these type of seminar a knife all of you said when you said the word do set the word seminar right yeah i avoid those like the plague what tell me what happened do you don't name names but tell me what happened do you at your seminar or the lord me in with her could dinner but know they wanted to sell annuities they want wanna put me in actively traded funds you're promising me great returns and i you before i make a move which i don't want to i i really within two years what you're supposed to check in with you and you know you you can give you a confidence and hold me back well i mean i'm not a big fan of annuities but if you want to invest in an annuity you can do so at minimal cost in my opinion at an outfit like vanguard were they have very very low expenses they do not hit you with surrender charges and they're not going to slam you with some giant commission sir so if you want to look at annuities anybody listening to the program and i'm glad you brought this up scott i'm not a big fan of annuities but if you want to look at an annuity there's a comparison that you can make now the person is running the seminar will hate this but i don't care about him i care about you and what you can do is you'll take anything that anybody's offering you in the form of an annuity and compare it.

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