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Cases, spreading I Mike moss. The FBI has toward a terror plot targeting white supremacist in California by an army veteran who converted to Islam. The plot was in retaliation for the New Zealand mosque attacks. The suspect Mark dementia was arrested for planning to play a bomb in a Nazi rally in Long Beach. He was arrested on charges of providing material support to terrorists court papers detailing that he was working on several plots at the time the face vices is seen on a new video. The group's leader Abu Bakar al-boghdadi is seen for the first time in five years. Correspondent Barbara Starr reports back Donna is one of the most wanted men in the world. One of the most logical questions right now is would it be a capture or kill mission just like with some bin Laden, both the Iraqis in the US will want to show the world evidence that they had found him whether they. So a dead body or captured detainee that question has already been debated inside the US and Iraqi circles about how they might go after him the FBI's revealing do minutes in advance about the power synagogue attack. But just minutes before the attack not enough time to track it down. Correspondent Jim Rupe? Reports on the comments from the suspect. John Ernest family statement reason part that their son's actions, quote were formed by people we do not know and ideas, we do not hold and quote, it goes on to say quote to our great shame. He is part of the history of evil that has been perpetrated on Jewish people for centuries, and quote, also calls their son being attracted to such darkness. A terrifying mystery. Meanwhile, the nineteen year old suspect is being charged with one count of first degree murder and three counts of attempted murder. He's expected to make a quarter appearance later this week. I'm Jim Roope. Help secretary, Alex. As our says there are now more than seven hundred cases of measles reported in twenty two.

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