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Mhm is people who know that things can get better. Even if they're really bad season was rebuilt over several years while classes had to be held in tents and trailers the Northridge earthquake killed dozens of people in did more than twenty billion dollars worth of damage. Talks are scheduled to start in about an hour in the LA teacher strike mayor Garcetti is acting as a mediator between the teachers union and the school district this high school teacher spoke at a rally this morning at our Lita high school. He says where he works as one of the few schools with a full time nurse, but he still has to help out some of the students after five out of my own pocket. Kleenex boxes or tissue paper. I have to buy things like bandaids for my students. They of the school district says the issue isn't about money math, not values. He says the district has offered. All it Ken given its financial constraints. The state has approved a rule allowing pot deliveries anywhere in California. The regulation includes delivering to homes within the mini cities in California that still banned commercial marijuana. The cannabis bureau says it's just clarifying a rule that was already part of what voters widely approved in two thousand sixteen industry. Experts say it allows access to those who live in pot desert's far away from cities approving recreational sales. Critics say it will create an unruly market of hidden we transactions while taking control from cities and counties that have already decided they don't want pot in their area new legislation or the courts may have the final say corporate. Carson KFI news today marks the beginning of a new era in our missile defense program. The president has called for an expanded program to better protect the United States strategy is grounded in one overriding objective. To detect and destroy every type of missile attack against any American target whether before or after launch Trump says that America's adversaries are increasing their lethal strike capabilities. And that his first duty is defensive our country, the top Republican in the house speaker Nancy Pelosi's request to postpone the state of the union is unbecoming of the office. Pelosi has raised security concerns for the address because homeland security workers are now going without pay. But department says it's fully capable of securing the state of the union if this shutdown persists, President Trump is postponing speaker Pelosi's upcoming trip to Egypt Afghanistan at Brussels, some are speculating that his payback for Pelosi asking Trump to reschedule the state of the union Trump calls Pelosi's trip a public relations event and says if she wants to take the trip she should fly commercial traffic from the helpful socal Honda traffic center. There's a crash and Elision.

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