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Yup talking to people on gum working with people. The social government. Okay am what's the best way to keep a client on track when you working with them and you're building one of these experiences. Yeah this is actually a little bit too. challenging In my experience. So so there's one is of course. I practice whining. Breach are have some gaming fide things that i took my clients themselves and And then the other thing is that it's consistent right so so as we're working together we're meeting consistently so it's not okay. Go do that in. Call me when you're done with that it's more right. This should take this amount of time. So let's meet on this date in consciously late me together to keep moving the needle four consistent but doing that yes so you you But gamification on the process of building gamification into the program. Exactly love it. Yeah alright and what's the number one thing. Anyone can do to differentiate themselves. Well i mean the one thing they can do to differentiate themselves is you. You are are unique individual with your own quirks personality preferences you know and i think bringing yourself to whatever aspect of your business is is he. That's how you differentiate yourself. I mean the We'll talk about market and segmenting and this and that but really people are inspired by authenticity. And and if you have that if you show that you show who you are you think that rings the right people to common common beliefs in common values of we talked earlier back. You know the importance of knowing you're i'm personality as a player you're going to buy into games into your programs also knowing who the audiences so the under the game with you so that carnival fits together dozen paying here about what makes you unique can being that whole fantasy to that Who thanks elia. This has been really fabulous now. Waken people find out more about the work you do. And and maybe even getting touched. Since i thanks for sharing ho sure So you can always tiny On my website. You're welcome to join my newsletter there have got tint hue dot com. That's she hasn't tom heinsohn. He flew gap innocent. Nancy to tom. Ages in harry using in umbrella Elephants dot com I'm also on social media under elliott sandbar. So however it is. You wanna find me and horse. I'm you wanna come stay with us. are are playful. Creative summit is launching at the end of april. And it's free to join of guanaco play. It also learn. Her mother gaming vacation pokes You can join us there. And that's table read of summit wonderful. I will have all the links that you mentioned in the shirts and said Think with publishing this just around the time the summit will start are it is free to register on feeder meltzer. Publish this just before. The summit stotts are as you're listening. Go checkout Come and jump straight on. It's something that you would like to be involved in exactly. Yeah have some parting advice. Frail listening today. Elliot said great great question. I think i would guess i would say that. Don't forget to once now while he childlike and the world is serious. Enough as it is. It's sort of structured for seriousness and Maintaining a sort of childlike ferret not childish. Her childlike spirits can can go a long way to giving us a piece. Of part of my. Yeah that that's really great. I think we we get too serious at times right and sometimes just going back and letting that net child out can so good for. I'm glad you use separated not childish being bad childish but just enjoying game and the siblings and bringing out some creativity because children are creative and somewhere along the line most of us lose it as we get older or i will. Who else should i get on this podcast and wine. How case so I actually have a friend on his name as as stephan and he works in Heart official intelligence I think you'd be really cool to having a podcast in terms of talking about innovation How would be very cool. let's see. Who else have you can get him. E chow would be great Him talk a lot more about king very and very humble anthem. And i and then there is Someone else Georgina maranda She saw latin american woman and she helps women Phil businesses and find funding for businesses to a company called she ventures and she's very cool so Yeah my three suggestions for the price of one adds great elia will. We'll get into introduction to stiffen to yucai. Georgina from you and will reach out to them and say whether we can bring more on the short. Yeah that would be great one whole will. Thanks so much for sharing your time with us today. Side generously and particularly your insights. I think there's a lot there that we can take away in terms of the thought we need to give to bringing this whole concept of gamification into programs that we have in.

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