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But once you understand what micro-toxins you can almost predict what's going to happen with a body? Body so yes, we see 'em P.. Go Up and some of those things, but those are just the things that usually someone's coming to already run. Because they saw another doctor, and they were looking for things, and a a non functionally trained Dr will look at those and say You might have a little bit of a white counter. Maybe you had a fever or something and just Kinda Pass it off and for me. Those are important little. Little data points because I'm looking at it functionally, and then there's urine mycotoxin testing I? Use this a lot found. If we know, it's mold I usually don't test. Because then we can spend someone's money on treatment, and not on testing confirmed what we already know, but if we don't know then I like to use your mycotoxin testing as a way to understand you know maybe what particular micro-toxins we're dealing with and I can usually predict that. Through my research and animals, and like in my doctor course, I'd I list each mycotoxin that we can test for currently, and then were its affinities for the body, and usually we can kind of predict what we're GONNA. Find on your and mycotoxin based on symptoms, but not always there are some limitation of urine mycotoxin in that there are some distractions purposeful distractions that are put out there by insurance industry. That doesn't WANNA pay for. For people getting better, they are saying that if it's your mycotoxin positive, it's because they ate it so I try to reduce that argument by taking my patients off of the food that we know are commonly contaminated with micro-toxins and things that are actual fungus, and so if anybody's interested of your practitioner listening, you can get my prep sheet that just basically takes them off those foods, and then we can say no, not a factor. Then if we're seeing it, we know it's less likely a foodborne problem. The other problem with urine micro-toxins is it doesn't tell us. Is this now problem or past problem? If you understand colonization, the way that I do which Gannet it could be wrong, but I see people who are still sick for mauled, and they've been out of that Moldy Environment for twenty years, and I used to think it was because they moved all their stuff with them, but I think it really is because the bad environment of the building moved into their body, and they are now the sick building. So. That doesn't really help us figure out. Are they actively exposed to mulder? Not Is this past problem now problems that's when I bring in some money a certified Walden's vector to really assess their living environment or their work environment. That's when we start to ask about. What's going on in your environment? The other problem with micro-toxins is sometimes. It's an Chretien tests. Sometimes people are not strong enough to excrete, and so we might see something looking mild. And then as we get them healthier, they start to look worse on their lab. And that's really common, so usually wait to re-test that mycotoxin test for three months because things get messy in the beginning I found it to be a really useful way to look at someone's exposure either intrinsic or external, and I prefer the mass spec method. That's from Great Plains and vibrant wellness..

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