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It's not just that they already had the why rate a house you already have the stuff on. It has a lot to do with the Senate Intel committees. Put that down because I don't want to forget this but put the stories together. Now, why these moves he's panicked? Moves are all coming out at the same time. We win seats in the Senate impeachment is now off the table at least in the trial. They can still impeach in the house because they remember the trial happens in the Senate. And Secondly, Bob, Muller, and Democrats and liberals and swamp rats who would probably familiar what's going on with the Muller proper starting to realize right now that they have absolutely nothing and the Colwyn panic move is evidence of it. Cohen pled guilty to lying to FBI about what when discussions of a real estate deal in Moscow ended, ladies and gentlemen, Waikato. And even lied about that, I have no idea it's not illegal for an international real estate businessman, like Donald Trump to do what? Joe international real estate. There's nothing illegal. But I don't even know why Cohen lied about it. Yeah. It makes no sense. They've got nothing now McCarthy Andy McCarthy and his brilliant national review points out another flaw here. Excuse me, Bob by the anti McCarthy peace talks about not pleading guilty to conspiracy. Remember that nobody is yet pled guilty to the conspiracy. When you're a federal agent, you need that to happen. So that everyone else has sent the signal. We know what happened. Nobody knows what happened because it didn't happen. No one's put guilty to it. But Byron York is another great piece in the show notes that I really good, please, read them Bongino dot com. Email us, please. Byron York is another good piece. What happened to Prague? What happened to probe? Prog you like what are you talking about? Ladies and gentlemen, the dossier. Which was used by the deep state operators here, the FBI and the department of Justice the fake dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton which had all this salacious unverified information on Donald Trump, which Jim Komi acknowledged was salacious unverified. Do you understand the dossiers the basis of this entire operation to take down Trump? Listen to me, if the dossier falls apart, the FBI and DOJ at some point are going to have to acknowledge spied on the Trump team based on nothing, but gossip that's been debunked. Okay. You already know that that's simple stuff. Jim Komi desperately needed. Some components of the dossier to be true something anything Joe why? Because let's go back to our. I started this show. I mean, she's me. Bob Muller needed. At least some component of it to be true Komi to Muller needs it to be true because he needs to keep the collusion fairytale alive. The collusion fairytale is summed up in the dossier. He needs some of it any of it to be true. Why let's go back to the beginning of the show where I said what is Bob Muller's job? Bob Muller's job is to make the Clinton Obama scandalous stuff. Go away to preserve the reputation of the Justice department and the FBI if Bob Muller can confirm even a single scintilla of evidence about that dossier that implicates Trump and it conspiracy even a little bit. What can he say Joe? Oh, well, let me say this part was true the rest wasn't. But it was an honest mistake. Yeah. Why does the panicked? Cohen plea. No matter. Because as Byron York points out a key component of the dossier fairytale about how evil Trump conspired to win the election show is that he sent his lawyer Michael Cohen, I addressed this in my speech, by the way to.

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