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Well, Karl had been threatening going. Mrs Carla been putting a robe on dip. She was ready as Carl and his wife walked toward the door. Carl shared that going could have his room for the night, though. And there was something else. His wife was in in his power to give away. He wasn't king Mark of Cornwall. Ooh. But he could give going someone that wasn't as power to give he wrapped on the door. And it opened from the other side the girl from dinner the harp player. Walked in Carl said that this was his daughter. They had already talked it over and she wished to spend the night with the famous, sir. Go Wayne of Camelot nephew of king. Arthur Carl asked if that was a sufficient replacement for his wife with a grin as he took Carl's daughter into his arms. He said that it was Carl closed the doors. The pair began the kiss. Are kind of a contradiction chastity in some places is a nightly virtue. But the writers will the writers. No what sells from LANCELOT and Gwen aveer. Arthur more Goss to Tristan nice old. They're not above throwing chastity out the window. I think that's what they're doing here because as opposed to other works and their obsession with virginity improper behavior. Remember, the nice pain swords between themselves on woman sleeping in the same bed for images sake. The story just kinda puts it out there. The goin- and Carl's daughter had a native no strings attached fun in the morning going asked the young woman when he was gonna see her again, and she just laughed. It's kind of a shockingly modern series of events for work from the twelfth century. But hey, I guess what happens in weird otherworldly? Great Britain stays in weird otherworldly, Great Britain. Anyway, going came Bishop Baldwin at breakfast the next morning after the whole household went to mass understandably came the Bishop were eager to get back on the road to Camelot after all their time in the. Strange land had resulted in little more than humiliation and late brain damage. They were so close to getting out of there something that according to the stories at this place should have been impossible Carl stood from the table and announced they would depart with his blessing, no less, but first he wanted to show them something came Baldwin were wary. The coin set cautiously optimistic on the whole he had had a pretty good trip. So far that is until he saw Carl's murder room. It was a deserted building on the edge of his little town. The shutters were closed and thick cobwebs grip. The corners of each window and door Carl turned the key opened the door and thick dead..

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