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Jewish neighborhoods. Then you run the very real risk of it being declared unconstitutional, so I don't know. I mean, look, believe it or not, I have very, very dear and close friends in the Hasidic community. And I've had for many, many years, and I understand that Jewish life in those communities is extremely communal. I mean, during the pandemic, they don't sit around and watch Netflix at night. You know the entertainment the joy of life. The whole purpose of existence is Tio worship God within these communal settings, and these were not rich people, their apartments or small, They're crowded and and that's what this is A real public health problem. Now, I think, ultimately outreach. Is going to have to be the way to go, lest we be accused of being anti quick. Around with Ron Kuby. Michael is awesome. Is this commie pinko attorney? I'm a lot more respectful, innately affectionate. He's a civil rights attorney. But since I like to talk about all things legal with you, we have an election four weeks from today. Do you think this is going to just be one legal hot potato That's going to go all the way the Supreme Court if the president keeps banging on about mail in voting Well, what depends on how Mr Super spreader Mister don't mask Don't tell actually manages to navigate these next few weeks. I mean song up there last night. If you were just if you don't pay attention to the words, which I try not to and just look at the person he was certain sucking in air like some giant puffer fish that's been beaten so so don't I don't know. I think that for those of us who are concerned both about election integrity and voting this guy out of office if we can put in person We should vote in person. We should all over the country have some sort of massive turnout off anti Trump boat showing that that the American people genuinely do repudiate This illustration. In these policies we genuinely don't want another four years like the past four years, especially not another year like 2020, and that'll help convince You know, the American people is a hole that our will is going to be carried out. The Supreme Court is not the place where we should be deciding elections. All right. Gotta Ron Ron Kuby. Supposing that I just I just started. Ron Kuby spokesman. Iron's appreciate talking about whether it's moral or not to wish he who must not be named that you should die. I mean, that's no stop. Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Go back! Go back to defend Iran! Hiss! OK, thanks for It's good to talk to you coming up next. Hey, Alice Stockton, Rossini. Wooo, crackerjack reporter. She is in some of the some of these neighborhoods that the mayor wants to shut down. Is there some anti Semitism going on? We're going to check in with Alice Stock and Rossini coming up next. I'm Bernie Fighter. What Here. W o r traffic. It's been tough going. If you normally travel stretch of North Conduit Avenue on the westbound side, it's still closed by leopards Boulevard. Ongoing police activity crash occurred during the overnight hours. We're seeing some heavy delays there and on the Bronx River Parkway and with about 233rd Street equation, slowing it down. Meantime, on the eastbound side, the beach we by Flushing Avenue, disable vehicle blocks off the left hand lane, your gem. Back from the belt merge. So coming off the inbound go on us all the way out past the Brooklyn Bridge and by Flushing Avenue. That's an extensive, slow down step, not expressway crawling on the eastbound side into Richmond Avenue. It is all because of AH Rough road surface. This report sponsored by the positive coaching lion's Got issues with you. Thor High School Sports Positive coaching lines can help PC, a national nonprofit offers more than 1000 free online resource is for youth and high school sports coaches, parents, students and administrators. Visit PC, a death zone dot org's Our next traffic updates and 15 minutes. Now, take a look at the We owe our weather forecast relative looking morning Beautiful blue sky takes us right on through this Tuesday High near 70 overnight Tonight some clouds around 59 suburbs. Not quite that Miles, Tamara. Few clouds around breezy, high 74 with some showers to our north. Thursday, mostly.

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