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Radiates energy in lots of different ways. They also have characteristic mass profiles and it doesn't matter which one us. There's always essential of covid nineteen. In terms of this sort of being like a almost like a test for who's been infected, how does it compare to the other tests in terms of how quick it is how easy it is. When we started the work back in February? I wasn't terribly interested in detection cosign. sump Shen that the PC all methods for testing for the virus. Extremely, good on, it turns out as huge number tests have very large numbers of. Negatives which, of course, his bad thing for a test and we using animals Petrovsky, we have a test that he's one hundred percent sensitive that works in all minutes costing about in if they in pounds or something like that, and that is generally independent age independent news also independent severity. You everyone talks about how strange this viruses and how strange this diseases, and it's strange that the one constant is how like universally disruptive. This is two people's bodies. Yeah, the promptly number reasons for that. The most important one is this is a disease that attacks epithelial cells that line or cover services at along has a double apathy. Liam has the cells that face the AC knows has the blood vessels which are very, very close indeed. But the whole of the body is the blood vessels and there's lots of reports in the literature bounds, locking tiny blood vessels, and also major blood vessel blockage as well, and that means any organ in the body technically can be affected by covet. Jeremy, when can we expect to be able to take your test? Well you can take the test in our laboratory tomorrow but this is informally the conflicts it to a test that could really work I'm be deployed style is not necessarily long might only be eight to twelve weeks in an ideal situation. And I've been talking to lots of people who are still sick after months and months and months does does this discovery that you made give them any insight? Well, that's an interesting question. So on at the moment, we don't know enough about. What we do know is in some people that we looked at, we looked talking several months off they actually had an episode and still mapping with Co operatives who are in the hospital when we monitor people will be able to assess quantitatively whether they are going back to normal. At the moment, we can't accelerate people going back to normal but what we will be able to do is to have a better way of assessing the health of people who have covid in a long-term ORLA. Chairman Nicholson on the Corona vars conundrum, and you can read the excellent report that he's written. Detailing that work in the Journal of Proteome Research is just come out and I must declare a conflict of interest because I'm also one of the authors. Hi, Richard here from space boffins and just to tell you that unbelievably, we've just published are one hundred edition with the naked scientists and it's packed with an extended interview with the head of science. Talking about the Moon Mars and the challenges of the much delayed James. Webb Space Telescope or also joined by the UK space agencies head of human exploration, a scientist mining asteroids albeit in a very small way, and we talked to an artist to designs space mission patches. That's the one hundred edition of Space Boffins in partnership with the naked scientists. Later on, we'll be talking about what climate change means for the future of the English country. Garden. Now. Nearly two thirds of us are infected with herpes simplex virus. So viruses, this week isn't an herpes causes cold sores causes genital disease, and it can also even occasionally caused Brian Infections. The virus is real headache to treat because the infection is lifelong. This is because it hides existing just as a piece of DNA inside nerve cells, it periodically reawakens to produce painful infectious skin blisters, nola drugs that can. Control these flare ups when they happen they can't remove the viral DNA. So the problem keeps on coming back now researchers in the US developed a pair of selective molecular scissors the contract down the rogue viral. DNA inside nerve cells and chop it up destroying the virus. So at least in experimental mice, it doesn't come back. Keith Jerem herpes is really sneaky that it actually established as a form of itself. That essentially goes into cells and then falls asleep and that virus lives in the neurons nerve cells in your body, and they can come once a year once a month once a week and cause lesions ulcers than anything else and all those strikes. We him don't do anything about that sleeping form of the virus. So effectively under the immune Radovan all the time it's dormant inside cells like that the immune system can't see it. So it just gets ignored. That's exactly right. The immune system controls at once it wakes up and starts making more copies of itself and they take care of those new copies but they even the noon system doesn't do anything about that long-term sleeping form of the virus said, what can you do about it? Well we've been using this really cool technology that's been around for over a decade. Now called gene editing despite has made a DNA just like our body is and that sleeping form is actually a little tiny circle of this DNA that lives in the nerve cells and what gene editing allows us to do is basically use I think of molecular scissors that can go into a cell and they can look through all. The DNA. In that cell and look for a very specific little stretch of the letters, and if they find those letters, they make a little cut and so what we do is designed very special scissors that ignore all of our own DNA, all the human DNA but they look really hard for herpes and if they find it, then it to little cuts and so it basically falls apart and makes it go away..

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